Weigh to go: week Six

A bit of an iffy week what with being away and everything.
No shops where we stopped en route, and no fridge left on to run the batteries down once we’d moored up for the night.
Saying that though, I have tried to keep within the parameters, but somehow I do not think I will get my certificate this week. The fresh fruit I bought the day we left only lasted 2 days before going off in this heat.

Now I could simply not go to the group meeting tonight.
I rang our consultant on Friday to explain we were away and it was doubtful I would be back in time for Tuesday’s meeting. I am allowed two weeks off during my 12 week course, thus pushing it to 14 weeks if necessary.

But I am in two minds at the moment.

confusedPart of me is chicken………
Because it’s been so hot (almost 40º in the boat today), I’ve eaten hardly anything all day and that is definitely not a good thing. Also doing the locks (more on that in later posts) I’ve been exercising more and toning up muscle (weighs heavier than fat), and I’m afraid in case I’ve put weight on.
But I’d rather know now than be disappointed next week.
sw quoteThen again, part of me is optimistic:
I want that certificate. Call it daft if you like, but it actually means something positive to me and adding confidence that I am doing something right.
The next one will be my stone and a half (still some time away because I expect the weight loss to slow down now) and then two pounds later my 10% target.
I had hoped in the beginning to lose at least a stone for the duration of my course, a stone and a half in total. I’ve added a couple of pounds to that now to ’round me down’ to the next stone mark. My personal target is now a total loss of one stone and 9½ pounds (23½ pounds).

So: did I go, or didn’t I?

Well, I didn’t lose my half a pound……………… I lost THREE!

slimming world 1 stI am so pleased.
I am even more pleased for N who lost a staggering 5lbs this week, taking her within 2lbs of her 10% target. She walked away with a half share of the Slimmer of the Week basket.
C also did well, losing three pounds as I did.

A very positive week all round I think.


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  1. colinandray says:

    Well done! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Great news, even better motivation ! ☺ Congrats.

  3. scifihammy says:

    Excellent! 🙂

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