Weigh to go: Week Five

Having had such a positive loss last week, and being so close to that one stone off certificate, I ‘went for it’ this week.
However, The Summer Cold did not help, though in years past I’d lose my appetite if I was poorly, which one would think as a good thing especially when trying to lose a few pounds.
number clockWe’ve had a couple of funny days when our timing has gone to pot and we’ve only had two
meals instead of three.
I also confess that I have not been checking the number of syns a lemsip or teaspoon of honey have because I felt bad enough already without a guilt fix thrown in.

When a particular target is in sight, it’s easy to be tempted to starve oneself in the hope that those stubborn final pounds will melt away. I’ve found in the past that it just doesn’t work and it’s better to have a light snack than nothing at all. At least the stomach won’t rumble in the middle of the night and you won’t find yourself searching for those naughty niceties at the back of the cupboard.
Saying that though, I’m simply not buying them (unless it’s for both of us) but if Hubby fancies gingernuts or digestive biscuits (2Ā½ syns each), or a bar of chocolate (off my 15 syn chart), then I’m not stopping him. I’ve drawn the line at McDs milkshakes, McChicken sandwiches and our iced bun treat (all 19Ā½ syns each) though I can get away with a lean bacon roll (no spread or sauce) and latte coffee for 3Ā½ syns from one of our favourite bakers.
coffee and baconTo be honest, I have tried to stick to the plan regardless of feeling lousy, so I’m hoping for a loss anyway, however small.

This was my main meal today, an open mushroom omelette with salad (and 2 syns of mayo).
Actually, it was scrambled eggs done in a bowl in the microwave with mushrooms cooked in water (and drained) put on top.

mushroom omeletteSo, how did I do?

So near and yet so far.
I had a good loss of two and a half pounds, so I was really pleased. However, I was seven ounces short of getting my certificate, so all being well I shall have that next week, marking the half way point of my 12 week course.

Here’s a thought of how a tactless comment can ruin someone’s confidence, and how I see things.

A girl at class has lost a staggering three and a half stone, but says she feels ugly because she can’t see it. She is wearing the same clothes, and no-one has come up to her and asked if she’d lost weight.
Her grandmother, who by all accounts is honest in her opinions, acknowledged that this young Mum had lost weight, then added ‘ But then you still have so much more to lose.’

IMO, this is the kind of negative comment that can turn success into obsession or despair.
Our consultant (and a few of the other group members) couldn’t believe it and asked if she knew how much her children weighed. If one weighed around three and a half stone, it was suggested she carried the child around on her back for an hour, and then put him/her down. That way she could appreciate for herself the physical proof of her success so far.

You know, most ‘big’ people don’t like being the way they are.
It’s nice to get that little pat on the back or incentive like the fruit basket for Slimmer of the Week when you do well, but it is equally important that even if someone gains a pound or two, or stays the same, it is the total loss that is emphasised at group meetings.

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14 Responses to Weigh to go: Week Five

  1. foguth says:

    That omelet/salad looks delicious!!!!

  2. I have two friends who are actively dieting. Both have lost 20 pounds (not sure what a stone is). That’s truly awesome and I tell them so but to be honest you can’t really see it yet. Yes, the clothes fit better but they will both need to lose another 20 before you will see a real difference. Sometimes a small weight loss will result in the person looking better but the friend can’t put their finger on what it is often asking if they got a new hairdo. My husband swears they haven’t lost anything but I see something and I continue to encourage. When someone is trying hard, any negative comment is cruel no matter how honest it is because all pounds matter.

    • A stone is 14lbs. It’s weird, because the doc weighs in kilos, and SW in stones and pounds. I can weigh in either on myscaes, or just pounds alone, and as my scales weigh me lghter than either of the professionals, I’m using them as a guide only on weigh in days. So long as they go in the right direction, I’m a happy bunny.

  3. scifihammy says:

    You’ve done so well! Congrats šŸ™‚
    And people can be so insensitive with their damaging comments. In the end, I think you have to achieve the weight you can, for yourself alone, and know you’ll be healthier for it. šŸ™‚

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