The Curse of the Four Letter Word

You know, I hate that word.
D I E T  that is.
Thirty years ago, anyone mention it and I’d bristle.

diet smileyIt brought out the worst in me, and I grew tired of being the butt of dieting jokes, not forgetting the teasing, taunts, flaunts and temptations of having chocolate and all things yummy waved in my face amidst snickering giggles.
In those days being overweight was attributed to overindulgence in the food steaks stakes, little if any exercise, and to lose those unwanted pounds, a love affair with water, lettuce and natural yoghurt.

D I E T  is just a four letter word , as is the F word, F O O D.
However, if we are to discuss eating our vocabulary (Alice anyone?) there are even longer words applicable now,  CHOICE and PRESENTATION.
alice quoteI don’t approve of playing with food, but we can certainly dress it up a bit.
With just basic ingredients, you can mix and match, stir fry, bake, season or marinate, and let your imagination run riot in the kitchen.
I’m a firm believer that it isn’t necessarily what you eat but the way it’s served to you that determines whether you enjoy it or not.

Now take chinese takeout (great cheer of ‘Can we? ‘ and ‘Please’ from Hubby over there in the corner).
My first encounter, served to me by Partner (1981-89), was of rice, chicken curry and chips (!!) and I couldn’t touch it because it made me want to throw up. Why?
Despite being sold in those nice little waxy lidded containers, everything had been thrown on the plate and mashed together. The rice looked like swimming maggots and the chips were gradually sinking into a grey wallpaper paste type goo with lumps resembling……… OK, I won’t go there.
Now envisage a delicate arrangement of a rice circle with tender chicken in a curry sauce in the centre and a separate side dish of chips to dunk. Much better.

Thanks to Hubby’s training in Chinese Food, I’ll now try most of it, mainly because he took me to a buffet where there was (n) oodles of choice so that I could sample what I wasn’t sure of and have seconds of what I preferred (which I did, and did, twice).
Not such a good idea with all those MSG sauces when you’re trying to balance your food groups, but I make my own variations at home now, so can control the sugar and salt additives.

Another favourite is liver, bacon and onions.
These are not my pictures, but this is how I usually serve it (perhaps with a bit more gravy on the cabbage) :

liver and baconBut how about this?
liver and bacon triple

Fancy presentation, but the taste buds are going, right?
Dread to think of the cost in the restaurants concerned though.

Today for my main Meal (another four letter word by the way, two if you count ‘main’), I am going to have ham salad with a mushroom, pepper and onion medley.
All are classed as free food, including the stock, the vegetables counting as speed foods.
There are a couple of secret syns in the ham as I spread some garlic and herb soft cheese on it before rolling up the salad inside.
Maybe 5 cherry tomatoes would have been more photogenic.

just dinnerFor dessert, I am going to syn (g) to the tune of 6, opting for a meringue nest (2½), vanilla quark (1½ if I have the full 100g), raspberries (0 and a speed food) and strawberries (0, another speed food) with a sprinkling of granola cereal (2).
just pud
There you have it, 8 syns the lot.
dinner and pudHungry yet?


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