Wet Sunday

According to the internet weather site last night, we are in for showers throughout the day.
Yet in the media, this weekend was meant to be a scorcher.
Well I suppose it is……………. somewhere else.

Looking out across our bow, on both sides we have boats with flower trays, baskets and pots. One is a mass of geraniums, and the other is a beautiful floating garden.
It’s a sight to behold on an otherwise grey day, and enough to lift any under par mood.

As I sip my lemsip and honey, I watch a small group of swallows circling. Like everything else this year, their numbers are reduced, and that can only be due to the climate.
I cannot remember a year so wet, apart from 2007 when we were in a tent house hunting before buying the cottage. But even then, having decided on purchasing a small caravan in June, the following day the rains stopped and we had some glorious sunny days.
This year, Nature is all over the place, as if caught in some time delay of the seasons. Normally we would have weather like this in April, marking the end of the colder months and a promise of Summer.

The birds are also confused, and apart from starlings, we have seen very few fledglings. Mind you, the pigeons in the Des Res on top of the CCTV camera are raising a second brood (or another pair have taken over the camp), much to the annoyance of the management, who cannot get close due to the Battle Axe Featherhead standing guard over the babies! They have no choice but to let nature take its course, then remove the nest and put netting or similar up to stop them repeating the process.

Once again I have seen a moorhen taking nesting materials across the basin, and I learned yesterday that a guy in one of the wide beams in the other bay has a family in his exhaust pipe, so he won’t be going anywhere for a while. The little family I saw the other day have disappeared, though there are several adults strutting their stuff across the banks, one showing an angry display against the heron, so I guess they are somewhere nearby.

The swan hatched three of her eggs, but has also disappeared with her new family.
Down river and under the bridge, a pair have five cygnets, but goslings and ducklings are still few and far between. Such a contrast to these pictures from last year.
swan and babes 2 15 5 swan and babes 15 5

In the half hour it’s taken me to write this post (off-line), the grey clouds have dispersed and blue sky is just becoming visible. True to form when it’s been raining, we have no WIFI, so once the wind has blown the circuits dry, I’ll be able to put this out.

These are some pictures I took today.
migrant twoThese are our Migrant Two visiting this morning in the hope for some breakfast.
I took the picture through our lounge window.

c flowers c flowers 2 c flowers 3 c flowers 4

This boat is up for sale and I took the photographs before the flowers were removed today.


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5 Responses to Wet Sunday

  1. 1. You are a great photographer!
    2. Aren’t geraniums super stinky?
    3. I had a debate yesterday with one of my more right wing and pinheaded friends about the shift in the population of the local birds here…and my fruit trees and flowers have been the epitome of seeming confusion in regard to the annual schedule…something big and permanent is def underway with Mother Nature, for sure.

    Hugs to you and the Prepper!♡

    • Thanks for the compliment, but I just take snap shots with a more decent camera than the one I had! Geraniums are always showy and bright but smell a little mossy to me, I prefer freishas.
      The seasons are all over the place, but wet seems to be a constant!

  2. amommasview says:

    Beautiful picture… maybe the weather got a bit confused and sent the sun over here (and we sent the rain we were supposed to get today over to yours… apologize for that…). Anyway… Those flowers look so good on the boat. Do you have some on yours too?

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