Good job they bought a spare.

The guys trundled down the pontoon this morning at 9.48 having got caught in traffic.
I went up to the office to log them in as Hubby made them coffee.

Looking into the hole that is our engine bay, they agreed it was a tight fit, and that it was more than likely they would have to raise the engine higher than they thought.
engine bayPhoto: engine bay

No problem, they had huge wooden blocks like tree trunks and chains to make a hoist, and soon set to work.
gearboxsizePhotos: limited space, and yes that is a twelve inch ruler.

Hubby had been asked to do a couple of little jobs for MSM, so he left me to look after the workmen rather than be looking over their shoulders all the time. I told them I was at the other end of the boat and said to shout if they needed anything.

An hour later, I took the guys another coffee to find them outside.
It was explained that the replacement drive plate had slightly different fittings to ours, and so they were ringing for permission to change the whole gearbox (a new and shiny one was sitting in a second trolley) instead.
This was approved, so they had their break, and carried on.

Apart from a little swing here and there, which may well have been me getting up and down for something out of reach for my cards (I so like to spread out!) , it was difficult to realise there was anyone working at the other end.
Hubby got back just before midday, just as they were putting the main things back together, so it was more coffees all round, plus the chocolate biscuits Hubby had brought back with him, which went down exceptionally well!
He asked a lot of questions, plus maintenance and running tips, and before long, the engine was turned on and we were raring to go!
The poor boat has never had her revs so high, but she sounded lovely, and they were very pleased with the job. Everything is running smoothly, and so we are looking forward to giving her a good test drive shortly.

The good news is that seeing as the complete gearbox was changed, we shouldn’t have to pay anything at all as it is all covered under warranty, plus we get a year’s warranty on the new one.
Hubby went up with them to log them out, and by all accounts the marina staff found it totally amazing that two guys managed to replace a gearbox in situ without a hydraulic hoist, in just three hours.

bb movedPhoto: this is how we are berthed, and didn’t have to move the boat at all.


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  1. DM says:

    love hearing that things turned out in the end like they did….and I love hearing about other tradesman being able to pull of the amazing in their area of expertise. Plus sounds like hubby took full advantage of their knowledge while they were there…and you served treats. you are my favorite kind of people to work for…people that feed me 🙂

  2. Capt Jill says:

    good news! glad they were able to fix it all at one time.

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