Don’t Panic!

I sometimes wonder if I would have had my paranoia about food had the teachers at grammar school not hit on me because I didn’t fit the mould, and subsequently made me feel guilty about anything I ate.
minion diet jokeHad lessons been more about nutrition, food groups and understanding the foods we ate to satisfy our body’s needs, maybe obesity would not be as big an issue as it is.
obesityOver the years I’ve tried a lot of diets, even some ridiculous ones, and if I managed to lose weight for the duration, it all went back on, and a bit more, within months. Not only did my weight and disposition yo-yo, I was probably a proto type for the latest design.

All joking aside, we associate those who are rotund as being jolly (Santa Claus is a perfect example) but this is not true. Many seek a quick fix solution in their craving to lose those extra pounds but turn to food for comfort should diets fail or stall.
To be honest, I was gutted that I’d only lost half a pound this week, but I know there will be times when I lose nothing at all, when the body ‘plateaus’ as they say.
But just because there is no visible loss via the scales, doesn’t mean I’ve failed. There’s a lot going on under the skin, in the digestion system and the brain that you can’t see, and already I feel better in myself and my trousers aren’t quite so tight. I can still see my feet when I look down, and knee permitting, can still touch my toes.
Our SW consultant is always saying it’s about making healthier choices, changing our eating habits, and sticking with it for life. You can have everything, but in moderation.
Someone else said that food was like art, but I want to eat it, not frame or paint with it.
Mind you, some of the food sculptures I’ve seen are fabulous. (google images below)

food art

An interesting statistic mentioned last night was that just 1% of ‘dieters’ who reach target actually stay within the set parameters. I am well aware from friends past how they have been successful, come off ‘the plan’ and reverted to their old ways only for the weight to creep back on, and before they know it, they’re back where they started.

My Sensible GP from years back told me to forget dieting as I had abused my system with the yo-yo effect over three decades. She said that each of us have our own natural body weight, one that we feel most comfortable with. My problem (or one of them at the time) was getting my body stable for 6 months before we could address my weight issues.
diet balanceI know I will have good losses and bad, sometimes none at all, and it is so easy to want to turn to the not-so-good stuff to console ourselves when things don’t go according to plan.
I have to confess that the first thing I wanted to do this morning was wrap my face round a jam doughnut (with extra jam) and that was before breakfast.
Much as I would have enjoyed it, according to the list it’s 9½ syns, but one would not be enough, and the craving spiral would be set off again.
That is one thing I have not had with this,  cravings for sweets, chocolate, crisps or biscuits. I can have popadoms with my curry (2½ syns each), and a 25g portion of prawn crackers with my sweet and sour is 6½ syns.
Meringue nests are 2½ syns each, chocolate digestives 4 syns, and malted milk biscuits 2 syns, so there is choice, and by mixing these with fresh fruit and fat free yoghurt, you don’t feel you’re in denial for all things yummy.
diet joke 2Weight control is not easy as everyone who has tried it knows.
I do not kid myself that I will ever be ‘slim’ (I’m 60, not 16), but I would like there to be a fair bit less of me.
Bearing in mind I was eighteen and a half stone (117 kilos, 259 lbs) in 2001, I have come a long way already. Two years ago I was down to 90 kgs, with the hope of reaching 85 kgs.
It didn’t happen, but I was content at 90, so if I can get there again, and STAY THERE, I will be a very happy bunny indeed, and they thrive on the green stuff!

happy bunnyNote:
This post is from personal experience. Anyone wishing to lose a considerable amount of weight should seek professional advice from their doctor or dietician. I was lucky to qualify for a free 12 week course with Slimming World through my GP surgery.


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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Haha the last one gave me a good laugh

  2. Gradual weight loss is always the best … My Instructor always told us’you wont thank me today, you wont thank me tomorrow, but you will thank me a month from today” … I also wrote a post on ‘Fitness Goals’ if you fancy reading that … 🙂 Btw, the DIET abbreviation made me LOL! Good one 😀

  3. Reblogged this on pensitivity101 and commented:

    Every so often when I’m feeling fed up and trying hard not to reach for the ‘bad stuff’, I re-read some of my earlier posts on y weight loss and find it really encouraging!
    This was is from June 2016 when I had just started my free course at Slimming World, and before Humphrey’s presence was detected.
    I hit my target in August 2019 and apart from a blip last week which has now been rectified, have stayed in it. I am allowed a week’s grace anyway, so haven’t broken any rules.

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