Weigh to go: Week Three

Weigh in tonight, and I’m hoping for another loss.
I feel as if I’ve bought shares in the fruit and salad markets, but to be completely honest, I have been having my meals and not feeling hungry. This afterall is half the battle.
I have synned a bit by having a couple of biscuits when we had our neighbours in, but have not exceeded my daily 15 allowance, in fact, most days I am below 10. This however could be a bad thing as should I ‘syn for fifteen’ on a regular basis later, the scales might nod in the wrong direction!

Yesterday, we went to visit MOH. We had been anxious as we hadn’t been able to get in touch with him for almost a fortnight, and since his neighbour died in January, we have no-one to contact who could ‘nip in’ to make sure he’s OK.
Good news is that he’s fine, but the bad news is that he’s been on holiday with his brother, and piled on the weight.
I have no problem with anyone having a healthy appetite, but Brother’s stomach appears to be a bottomless pit, and in turn, MOH feels obliged to join him.
It doesn’t help that the  park where Brother has his caravan is pretty close to one of the best chip shops in the country, and small portions are off the menu.

Sadly, MOH has put on almost three stones in the past year, yet he always shops healthily and has healthy things in his cupboard. Unfortunately he also has naughty things in his cupboard, like chocolate and crisps, and will easily get through a 6 pack of chocolate peanut bars in a couple of days. Also when he shops for the freezer, he doesn’t separate his purchases in meal size, but pack by pack, so has to eat it all when he cooks.

cauli cheeseYesterday, we were asked to take in a cauliflower (yep, usual menu) as he had loads of cheese and not much else. I also took down a salad bowl and some cherry tomatoes to pack out the plate.
He had a couple of large tomatoes, so I used them to put on the top of the dish before putting it in the oven.
I split the salad three ways, half for me, a third for MOH and a sixth for Hubby as he’s not really keen, then similarly divided the cauliflower cheese but giving MOH the lion’s share, Hubby the second largest portion and myself a couple of spoonfuls.
MOH asked if we’d like a large tin of peaches with some custard for dessert, but we declined mainly because we were actually full.
MOH settled on a slab of fruit cake instead, and we had a small slice to be sociable.
I counted it as 10 syns, so with the cheese, that was my quota.

We settled down to play cribbage and dominoes, and as usual I lost.
However, MOH kept pushing the choccy bars, and we had to keep saying no. At least he didn’t open them anyway while we were there!
I told him about SW and how much you can have to eat.
He was as surprised as I was, so hopefully he’ll think about healthier options once all the choccy bars have gone.

diet battleSo. How did I do this week?
Not so good I’m afraid, only half a pound, so naturally I am disappointed, especially as I have not had ‘treats’ and been packing away the fruit.
I wasn’t the only one with just a slight loss though, so the group meeting tonight was spent discussing various ways of using up our syns, recipes, tips, and support.

Still, at least it was a loss, not a gain, and by keeping a food diary, I can see where I’ve gone wrong compared to the previous two weeks.

1. Too much salad, either at one meal or on one day.
2. Forgetting my B options some days.
3. Not enough syns.
4. Only having two meals some days instead of three (see point one).
5. Yesterday’s cheese sauce was made with full fat milk as MOH no longer buys skimmed.
6. Too large a meal at lunchtime today.
7. Not drinking enough water.
8. Portion size (see point six).

Having identified the reasons, I can start a new week with a positive approach.
Naturally I do not expect large losses, but a steady pound or perhaps two every week will keep me in good spirits.

N lost another 3lbs this week, and attained her first stone loss. We are all so pleased for her!
stone gone


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  1. foguth says:

    Still, you LOST a half pound… you could have put some on, instead. You are doing great!

  2. colinandray says:

    There is also a No. 9 – Acknowledge that your body will “pause” periodically to reassess the situation. Given your diet change, it could well be taking a “time-out” in order to adjust to the new norm! Well done, regardless of what the scales say. Looking forward to more good news in the coming weeks!

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