The Healthy Option is killing him!

Over the years, I have come across several instances where diet has played a key factor in someone’s health.
Obviously the obesity problem is getting away from us all, and personally I don’t think taxing sugary drinks, chocolate, sticky buns or any of those other delicious things we love will make a blind bit of difference.
Unless you are married to or the victim of a ‘feeder’  {link}, we control what we put in our mouths, and most of us try to eat healthily.
dietThis post is my personal observations and opinions, and in no way should be considered as dietary advice, guidance, or professional suggestions.

I have been following the SW plan for almost three weeks now, and the toll is beginning to show. I am pleased with my weight loss thus far, but there are some disadvantages that are now coming to light.
I had hoped not to be in a position where it was one meal for Hubby and one meal for me, but sadly that is now the case as basically his stomach can’t handle my diet.

In the early days of our marriage, he ended up in hospital through ‘healthy eating’ as he was used to takeaways, baked beans, burgers, processed foods, fish and chips, and all things greasy.
Over the years, we have struck a balance and I am using far more rice and pasta in my dishes which suits us both and are still allowed being classed as Free Food in my programme literature.
I have taken to having salad with everything, but not covering it in mayonnaise (one tablespoon is one syn, so I do have some occasionally) and relying on my vegetable medleys and hot dressings to add flavour to the boring green stuff. I love tomatoes anyway, and use so much garlic in my cooking I’m surprised we have any friends left as we must reek of the stuff, but they say not.
garlicHubby now has a gut problem, which is aggravated by any spicy or herby food (bye bye curry, my tomato pasta and spaghetti bolognese), too much roughage (goodbye to certain cereal, wholegrain breads, fresh fruit and vegetables) and too much fat (at least that one’s easy to avoid).
Yesterday he had his favourite McCheese whilst I had a ham salad, and today I made sweet and sour chicken, as by all accounts he can have vinegar, soy sauce and garlic, but fresh ginger is a no-no as it’s not easily digestible, as are mushrooms and sweetcorn. Also he should have nothing with seeds in, so tomatoes and peppers are off his menu list too.
fruit and veg 3 vegfruit and veg 2

The other thing that has become clear is the cost.
I decided to start a Diet Shopping sheet in my budget file, and to date I have spent over £40 on foods for me.
This is not because I have been buying the SW range of foods or cookery books, but all the salad stuff, cherry tomatoes (which I eat like sweets and are Speed foods as well as Free), fresh fruit and jacket potatoes.

I borrowed one of the SW recipe books from C, and a lot of the meals are made using familiar ingredients and cooked the way I already do. This was reassuring and comforting because at least I could see I am doing something right.

The June spreadsheet may be £10 down on last year (it was one of our more expensive months), but overall for the year, we have overspent by £22.
Looking at our treat sheet (January £26 and June £5, the latter all for Hubby I might add), I’m seriously hoping it will all balance out and I can get back on track with our food budget. Our boast of £25 a week went for a bucket of chalk ages ago, and we are up to around £32 now.
We are not buying more, but getting less for our money as weights have been reduced.

spam monty pythonI suppose I’m lucky though that as with Monty Python’s Spam sketch, Hubby feels the same about rice and my next trick will be to do curry-less curries, and herb-less pasta dishes!

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  1. I wanted to make a pun and say you must be gutted but seriously, I hope hubby is not too miserable and you guys continue to manage well 🙂

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