Thunder and Rain

Oh boy, are we getting plenty of that today!
The day, or should I say early hours, started with heavy showers. Hubby was up pretty early and it was still coming down at 8.30. He suggested I stay in bed for another half hour (why should I argue) then he’d take Maggie out and I could get up.
Hm. The forecast we look at has a different clock.

rainbow marinaPhoto: mine of the marina last year from our pontoon.

Around 11, we had clear skies, and so decided to go out for a drive.
We ended up in Malvern, but there was certainly no hill climbing for me, so we had a cup of tea and watched everyone else setting off! There seemed to be a charity walk today as several people were wearing Cancer Support tee shirts and walking their dogs.

Coming back, we drove through torrential rain, yet by the time we were within 6 miles of home, it was back to clear skies.
Just after 4, the skies opened, thunder clapped, and Maggie nearly took me off my feet and sticks as I was coming back from the dog walk. I had no choice but to unleash her and send her home as I clomped my way back.
It hasn’t let up since, and Maggie has taken refuge in the bathroom. She hates thunder, probably because she doesn’t understand where the noise is coming from. Unfortunately that recording of 9 hours of relaxing rain is no longer on Hubby’s laptop as he had to rebuild his computer due to a virus that piggybacked in on something else.
He was not impressed.

Actually, the rain is so dense, you can hardly see the boats on the far pontoon fingers, and we have just had our first shot of lightning.
To be honest, this storm is way overdue so I’m not surprised in its severity.
I remember the heat of the summer of 1976, and again in 1981 when storms followed.
It was weather like this that drew our attention to our soakaways that didn’t several years ago, but unlike in the cottage, Maggie has limited spaces to hide.

thunder clouds
Illustration: compilation google images of thunder clouds

Looking at the radar picture, the storm is right on top of us. There have been 115 lightning strikes in the last hour, and our area on the relevant map is kissed with purple crosses and dotted with blue where these have occurred.
Heavy rain is sweeping the country from the south-west, and we are right in the middle of a red bit!
weather 12 juneImage: Radar picture 4.55 pm Sunday 12th June 2016.


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4 Responses to Thunder and Rain

  1. This looks serious. Hope all is well and the storms have passed over and you are safe!

    • It was wet and loud. We seem to be over the worst of it and have just got the hot and clammy residue of charged air to contend with now. We are all fine, though Maggie is still a little wound up, bless her.

  2. scifihammy says:

    It is the middle of June for Pete’s sake! I was skyping my sister in Northern England today, and we were remembering how jolly hot June used to be, when we were swotting for exams! What’s happened to the weather?

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