A Bit of a Day

It’s been a funny kind of day today as we have been doing a bit here and a bit there.
Hubby had an INR blood test this morning, and I had an appointment this afternoon.
Sadly we couldn’t piggyback this week as it was with two different nurses, so it was two trips to the surgery and two trips to the pharmacy (put in and later collect meds).
Returning from trip 1 we went into the supermarket and I got the ingredients for dinner.
Hubby fancied chilli today, so I picked up 250g of minced beef, a carrot and a small tin of kidney beans to go with the onions, tomatoes and garlic I already had.
It was one of my best, but was too much for us in one sitting, so Hubby suggested he had the left over portion for his tea tonight. Methinks there may be a cruel wind blowing later!

Anyway, mine was a lady’s appointment, and hopefully the last I shall ever need to have, unless there is a problem of course.
One of the perks of working for the bank years ago was an annual Well Woman check.
Hubby and I take health issues most seriously (and Maggie’s too), so I took full advantage of the free medicals.
healthy heartAfter my redundancy, I kept up with the relevant screenings at the due times. This particular one is every five years and relates to women up to the age of 64.

First things first, the nurse was lovely, and I shall be seeing her again next week for my diabetes check.
Apparently, because I am older now and been through the menopause, One is supposed to use a cream for three weeks before the examination, discontinuing use two days prior to the event.
If however the test is done with or without using the cream and comes back as an ‘unsatisfactory result’, I’ll have to wait THREE MONTHS for a retest.
Now why the receptionist couldn’t have told me this last week when I made the appointment is anyone’s guess. Maybe I didn’t look old enough.
I was uptight about it already, so I told the nurse to go for it and I’d take my chances.
I’ll get the results in a fortnight.

According to my notes, I am due for a mammogram now too.
Talk about hitting me from all angles!
I have been prodded, pinched, scraped, drained, stretched, punctured and bunged, and now they want to squash me as well!


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11 Responses to A Bit of a Day

  1. foguth says:

    I had my mammogram a couple days ago… do NOT like them, but actually prefer that to that other check… I’m sure that in the long run, these well woman checkups are good, but I can’t say that they are anything I look forward to.

    • Me neither, but it makes sense to have them if they’re offered. There is a history of breast cancer on my Dad’s side of the family and I’ve had a couple of scares, so go when called. I never realised I had so much ‘up top’ until it was all flattened out on the plate like some wrinkled jelly fish!

  2. colinandray says:

    The joys of getting older! I could probably entertain an audience for at least 30 mins telling stories of invasive medical procedures. I was recently surprised to know that quite a fair size tube can actually be inserted ……….. well, let’s just say that there is only one way to scrape a prostate!

  3. I would rather have a root canal although lady tests are faster.

    • I’m hoping this is the last one I need to have. It was quite funny as the body went into spasm and I couldn’t let go!
      The nurse was lovely though and as we were chatting away happily throughout, we may have been having a coffee somewhere instead!

  4. scifihammy says:

    Uncomfortable, but worth it. 🙂

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