The Picket Line

You can guess where I’m going with this can’t you (sigh).
Dammit, another trip to A&E last night, but at least they didn’t keep me in and we got home around 11.30.
I have a shiny new nose clamp, with instructions to put it on the fleshy bit of my nose.
No packing this time, just a clot that’s to stay in situ. I’m not doing or touching ANYTHING, which was exactly how it was when it started again.
Give the emergency room staff their due, I was seen five minutes after arrival, and monitored regularly for the duration of my visit.
blood pressureMy blood pressure maintained being in the amber light on this traffic light system.

Hubby and I had restless nights here though, both anxious in case it started again, but Maggie was safe and curled up with her surrogate mommy in the house up the road.
This morning, he left me in bed and went up to the doctor’s surgery. He managed to make an appointment for a doctor to call me.
The doc I spoke to at 9.30 was quite concerned and asked who I had been seeing. I told him I had spoken to her yesterday on the phone to fill her in on my overnight stay. He said they needed to see me today, and could I be there for 10.50. No problem, and I was seeing my doctor, the one that Witch said had no appointments available until June 6th.

Good news, the doc says my blood pressure is ‘perfect’, 130 over 80, so the pills are doing their job and I shall be on them for a while as expected.
Bad news, she has no idea why I am getting so many bleeds.
Image from google for you.

On examination, she could see a bleeding blood vessel that had been missed by the ENT guy on Tuesday perfectly, and so cauterised it. It hurt as I had no numbing anaesthetic this time, but who cares, she was going to stop it, right?
My bleeds are coming from the ‘Little’s’  area of the nose, which is quite common, and not high up in the nasal cavity as it felt.
The doc reckons my BP spiked and the blood vessels burst, and kept on going.
All I can say is if I lost that much of the red stuff from the Little’s area, I dread to think how much would fall out if there was an area known as the Large’s.

I am due to have yet another blood test on Tuesday, thus piggybacking twice on our friendly nurse. This time they are checking for coagulation, anaemia and my blood counts.

So here I am, back with my feet up, doing absolutely NOTHING, having slept most of the afternoon. I have my instructions, and no I don’t, haven’t or didn’t!
nosebleed rules

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7 Responses to The Picket Line

  1. Oh, no’s. (Hope you don’t go nuts from being quiet and still)
    Glad an appointment “suddenly” became available. Hope everything calms down quickly

  2. scifihammy says:

    Hopefully this last cauterising will work. And great you got to see your doc!

  3. I had to laugh. The first time my husband went to an ENT for his nosebleeds, he got a cranky old doc who yelled at him to stop picking his nose. The thing is that my husband has always had a sensitive nose and learned as a child not to pick it. He was outraged that he was dismissed with such a remark. He’s been good for a while but still will occasionally get one. He uses an over the counter nasal gel twice a day which has helped. Good luck to you. I know what it’s like to have a nosebleed that doesn’t stop.

    • The prescribed cream has peanut oil in it so should soften the passages sotospeak. I can start using that again tomorrow and hopefully get rid of the clot that has been ‘holding things together’. What a polava. 🙂

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