A Cake fit for a…….


Nadiya Hussain (who I’ve never heard of) won the popular celebrity show The Great British Bake Off (which I’ve never watched) and was commissioned to make The Birthday Cake for Our Queen’s 90th Birthday.

WTF is this????
queen's birthday cakePhoto courtesy of Daily Mail : Mail OnLine 22nd April 2016

I was in a sugar craft/cake accessory shop today, talking to professional cake makers, and they were as appalled as I was at this monstrosity presented to our Monarch, who judging from her expression, was afraid to cut it in case the damn thing popped like a balloon.

I don’t know what I was expecting:  something along the lines of a magical coach and spun sugar horses perhaps as Mary Ford did in the ’70s (she made my traditional wedding cake by the way), something in Red White and Blue, or a castle, a crown, even a Corgi or Landrover but this? It’s hideous and although I’m no royalist, Our Queen deserved better!

OK, I can’t ice a cake for toffee, but even if this is sugar paste, it’s not a smooth finish, and if the imagery of balloons doesn’t enter your head, how about bobbins/cotton reels on the Piste or hat boxes on a carousel? Wouldn’t it have been just dreadful if the cake colourings had matched The Queen’s outfit?

Many of the comments I’ve heard or read have suggested it would have been better to have someone from the WI bake the Goody of the Century.  And I agree.
Let’s face it, if it had turned out to be as much of a disaster as this one, they could have done a Helen Mirren and gone to Marks and Spencer (you have to have seen the movie Calendar Girls to appreciate that).

No, No, Nanette Nadiya.
Your OBE (Oh Bloody ‘Ell), CBE (Cakes Beyond Expletives) or Dameship (too long to think of anything witty) has just left by the back door I’m afraid.
Perhaps The Cake has gone the same way and our American visitors, President Obama et al, will get a slice.

BTW, I found this image of American Sugarcraft works. Now this rocks!
Swap the ‘R’ for ‘ER’ and the Knighthood’s in the bag!

alternative ideas
There is now a hoo-hah going on that free range eggs were not used in the baking of The Queen’s cake. Somehow I don’t think the chickens give a shit toss.

Photo: Scraggy, our only named chicken 2007-2009


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7 Responses to A Cake fit for a…….

  1. scifihammy says:

    Toppling Hat Boxes! The Queen really did deserve better!

  2. Lyn says:

    Look in the background with the fancy tan cake and you see almost all the cakes back there are like Nadiya’s, The queen might not like her cake nor do many others but Nadiya seems to be right in the front of cake styles.
    PS: Nadiya is a very darling person.
    PSS: And I don’t like religions.

    • Bit confused by your PSS but appreciate your comment. It is a personal thing, and I have never been one to follow fashion, cakes or otherwise. In the Tan cake photo, at least there are lots of flower arrangements on the cakes concerned, and perhaps those not adorned are actually WIP. Who knows? I still think it was a disappointment, but as I believe it wasn’t a traditional celebration cake (as in wedding cakes), then I guess I am just way too old fashioned.

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