Confidence Check

It’s been a pretty good day today in the health department, and a little something else besides.


How many of your remember this, The Ring of Confidence, courtesy of Colgate Palmolive.

Hubs and I had dental checkups today, and whilst we were waiting played a little game trying to name trees beginning with letters of the alphabet. Yes, we are so sad, but this is what happens when you have anxiety about dentist visits, even if our dentist is lovely.
Actually, we didn’t do too badly, though got stuck on G, I, K, Q, U, V, X, and Z.

tree 4 6This is a picture I took last year, and we’d rather be here than at the dentist’s.

Anyway, we both had to have a little descale, but other than that, no problems at all, so we won’t have to worry until October now.
We both agree though that dentists and opticians are good annual health checks, as these professionals can pick up signs of health issues we would otherwise miss, so even though we don’t really like to go, it’s silly for us not to.

From there, we went to the doctor’s surgery, Hubby to cancel his INR blood test tomorrow as he has a stinking cold and knows that the OTC medication will throw it out of sync, and for me to make an appointment.
dr bugNothing (I hope) to do with my diabetes (I still haven’t received a date for my check up), but I have had two rather bad nose bleeds in less than a fortnight, so feel it needs checking out. Last time I ended up in A&E having my nose quarterized as it wouldn’t stop bleeding, and I frightened the doctor who did it as my hands went into agonising spasm, distorting out of all proportion in the wrong direction, which was not supposed to happen (who said I was normal?).
I must have looked dashingly strange (or strangely dashing?) coming out with a miniature sanitary towel looped under my nose like some kind of virginally white moustache.
Ah, the memory πŸ˜›

Next stop was the vet.
Ever since Maggie was a pup, we have cut her nails ourselves, going through the motions in the beginning on a regular basis so that she got used to having a pedicure. She is so laid back now that she tends to fall asleep.
We have unfortunately let them get too long, and the quicks are easily visible, so we can’t cut them back too much. I wanted to check with the vet if there was any truth in something I read about the quicks receding if you nibble away at long nails over a period of time.
Apparently not.

But you know what boosted my confidence in knowing we had made the right decision to change?
The fact that Maggie’s notes were up on the screen before I’d finished asking my question.

maggie on foot

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4 Responses to Confidence Check

  1. scifihammy says:

    How about Gum Tree for the letter G? We have tons of the Australian trees here.
    I love those kind of games too – but usually on long car rides.
    I also hate going to the dentist and docs etc for check ups – even tho nothing bad ever happens! I don’t know what it is! I’m glad you visits were good.
    LM also has long quicks in her Black claws, and I always take her to the vets to have them clipped, telling them each time (often a different vet) and they shave off a small amount. (Would you believe it costs only 4 pounds? They do not charge for a visit, just the nail clip!)) I go often which seems to help.
    And yes – you definitely made the right decision on changing vets to this one πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the G! A consultation costs nearly Β£30, but calling in and asking questions or being weighed costs nothing. We did her nails not too long ago, but will do them again shortly. Hubby shines a torch through the black nails and this helps him see how far he can cut with the clippers. Then we get the emery board out, and it’s sheer bliss on her ladyship’s face!

      • scifihammy says:

        I think a consultation here is about 16 pounds – but remember, we earn way less than UK people!
        If I ever got a Puppy I’d make sure I could cut its claws. LM was 18 months when I got her, and hated having her feet touched (tho we have improved on that.)

      • Barney had ticklish feet and would tuck them up into his armpits! (do dogs have armpits???)

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