Second Outing

Our second Treasure Hunt was out in the New Forest, all of us meeting up at a well-known site called Clay Hill with a picnic.
Hubby and I had spent weeks perfecting the route (and some short cuts for us), and came across some unexpected ‘finds’ while we were planning it.
My Mum and Dad took part in this one, as did my sister and her husband, plus a couple of friends from our prospective works, and some acquaintances through a wine circle my sister and father belonged to. It was they who supplied the prizes, a variety of home brews.

Again we gave them a map, list of clues and a shopping list, but because the route was a little more remote, we suggested the use of CB sets, which opened up a whole new can of worms for my Mum as she couldn’t get the hang of it. In fact, because she kept forgetting to take her finger off the button to listen, she thought it was broken.
Equally because it was out in the open, we made sure we were easily on hand if someone should have a problem. This caused a lot of amazement at how quickly we could get to someone in trouble (one ran out of petrol!) until they saw us parked together and realised we had two cars, both Yugos, and both the same colour.
It took a little longer though for them to cotton on that some of the answers to our clues were actually something to do with the half a dozen or so teddy bears sitting on each parcel shelf that weren’t just along for the ride!

We used a pack of cards for some clues, asking that they be left in place for the duration of the hunt, and again had made sure there was a watering hole for potty breaks, conferring and refreshments.
However, we had been a little devious in letting them all start at the same time, but warning them that not all clues were in the same order on their clue sheet, so it would be pointless playing follow the leader. In truth, it was only the first clue in each that was different, but led in the same direction.

One of the items on our shopping list was a yellow flag, something we passed practically every time we went to the forest, and we wondered if anyone would actually pick one up from the golf course that occupied either side of the road on part of our route.
Quite rightly ( 😦 ) no-one did.

I think our best find on that was a’ bun penny’ nailed to a post in one of the car parks.

pennyOur clue was something like ‘In for a Penny’ as it was situated near the entrance.
We also had a variety of pubs to choose from, and had found a sequence of numbered Water Main markers along one road, where luckily it was safe to park and cross over.
Another clue was to name the incomplete house with a swimming pool in the basement. This was down to a property with windows at road level that had been flooded in bad weather because it had no roof on it. It never seemed to dry out.
We discovered a field with several baths in it, describing it as an outdoor bathing facility, and asked for the number baths therein, which could all be seen from the gate.
Again, we had emphasised that there was no need to trespass or cause any damage in finding answers or ‘shopping’ for the list.

Our final destination was a picnic area, where everyone set themselves up to finish off the evening, leaving us to add up the points and declare the winners.
Mum and Dad came 5th, but everyone was convinced it was a fiddle when my sister won overall. Insider knowledge they all said.

wine glasses
Hubby and I joined in the fun as participants on a hunt already done by a mutual friend who utilised the route used by a professional organisation.
As we were one of  four couples,  we had the girls in one team and the lads in the other.
We were equally totally and brilliantly useless!


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