Danny Willett may have won the Golf Masters Tournament 2016, but tonight I am Queen of the Thrashing.

Knowing it was going to be tipping down with rain, we arranged to visit MOH and test drive him on our Ludo board.
(For dinner we were asked to bring a cauliflower!)

Digital Camera

our Ludo Board (coloured by yours truly)

Hubby has made a new dice as the other one was a little on the small side (and he’d also cocked up the 6).
Anyway, we set it all up, and our rules are simple, you have to throw a 6 to get your token out of the starting block and bounce round the board, then to get home you have to throw the exact number.
MOH didn’t play it like that, and mentioned double stacks, blocks, bumping people off back to start, but concurred on the 6 to start, and exact number to finish.

It was agreed we play our simple version first, which took us half an hour, and I won.
No, the dice was not loaded.
Then we played the MOH way.
Hm. Confusing and somewhat contradictory.

Throw a six to get out and then have another go. You could only move the same token, not take two out (as you could in our game).
If you landed on a square occupied by another colour, it was bumped back to the starting block. If you landed on a square occupied by your colour, you doubled up and blocked that square. Unless someone landed immediately on top of you (no bumping off though), no-one could get past. Not even yourself, so no leapfrogging allowed.
If you threw a six and landed on another colour, that one could not be bumped off as you had to include your second throw. However, as you could not occupy that square, and could not move another counter instead unless to get it out of the starting block, your second throw actually didn’t count.
We think there may have been a little bit of tweaking cheating going on!

Digital Camera

Come Closer!

Hubby and I were bouncing round the board quite nicely, even bumping each other off, and MOH was stuck in the stocks as he couldn’t throw a six. When he eventually did, he came after me and bumped me off, though I later got my own back, twice.
I won that game too, and Hubby and I have decided we are going to look up the rules as I don’t remember playing it the MOH way (though I do like the idea of bumping people back to start or blocking their path).

We prepared dinner and put it in the oven, then settled down to play scrabble.
scrabble boardMOH was not doing well, and even though I was trying to open up the board, scoring was not good. I got the highest score of 50, though I could have put down all seven letters on two occasions, but there wasn’t a suitable gap.
I won the game by over a hundred points, so we moved on to dominoes.

9sTwo games of that and I won both. Hubby was now laughing at the ludicrous situation of us being invited down to be thrashed (not), so we adjourned for dinner.
(Additions to the dish today were a red pepper, smoked ham and tomatoes)

cribOut came the crib board, and MOH was scoring well, winning the first game. 🙂
We played a second, and I won that. 🙂 🙂

When asked if he wanted to play Snakes and Ladders, MOH passed, so we had a cuppa and watched the news, which was full of the current ‘tax scandal’ concerning our present government. Honestly, the House of Commons is like watching the Muppets on speed.

We left just before 6, with the request to make up a chequers board next.

It is highly unusual for me to win more than one game during our visits, so today was a miracle in that I ony LOST the one! Hubby found that hysterically funny. 😀

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7 Responses to Ludo-cross

  1. amommasview says:

    Love games like this! So good to play them… I sometimes find they are actually forgotten in the time of all the digital stuff…

  2. tildy1 says:

    Sounds like a fun game night. First I’ve heard of Ludo.

  3. scifihammy says:

    The Ludo I remember playing was more similar to MOH’s, but not quite as complicated. 🙂
    It’s great fun to play board games – and even nicer when you win! 🙂

  4. Barb Knowles says:

    Is Ludo what I know as Parcheesi (sp?)

    • Looking Parcheesi up on the internet, Ludo is very similar, though we don’t have so many squares. I am working my way through various sets of rules at the moment, and it would appear that most of how MOH plays is correct.
      We do have an ace in the hole though insomuch as one of our senior boating friends is a Ludo champion, so who better to ask for guidance (and a game or two) next time we see him!

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