The Rubber that nearly erased me.

Just a short post to explain my reply to Colin’s comment on my previous offering.

We were sorting out the attic getting ready to move house, and it was one of those really hot and muggy days, so we were stripped down to our underwear. Ok yeah, not a pretty sight, so I’ll move quickly on.

Hubby found a suitcase and tossed it down to me. I could say it was the heat affecting my brain, but the result was being unable to get my breath, massive palpitations preventing me from speech, and such a hike in blood pressure, I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack and die on the spot.
Inside, was the biggest, hairiest spider I have ever seen in my life.

Propped up against the door frame and sweating even more profusely, I couldn’t tell Hubby what the problem was, but seeing I was in serious distress, he hurried down the ladder to sort me out.
He kicked the offending suitcase out of the way (which wasn’t even one of ours by the way), led me to the bed, and tried to calm me down sufficiently to tell him what the matter was.
All I could do was point, and he eventually realised it was something in the case that had triggered off this panic attack.
He ‘started’ himself when he looked inside, and then began to laugh.
eraserThe spider was a rubber toy, but it had looked so real, especially the way it moved when it was airborne.
I felt such an idiot.

This wasn’t the first time a rubber spider had me shaking in my boots.
I refused to sit on a seat at the front of the bus with my Mum because there was a spider underneath it. The fact that this one was bright blue with red spots, a quirky face and purple dangly legs didn’t really help a six year old me, but luckily there were other seats available so I didn’t embarrass Mum too much.

toy spider

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4 Responses to The Rubber that nearly erased me.

  1. scifihammy says:

    They are so alien, aren’t they? (Tho perhaps not bright blue with red spots!) I’m surprised they don’t kill more of us by sheer fright!! 🙂

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  3. Oh you have my complete sympathy (because I’m an arachnophobe myself), but I admit to laughing aloud when I read this. The owner of the suitcase? Would prudently make sure their life insurance was paid up, because I’d have hunted them down and killed them. IF I survived. I think that thing would have killed me!! 😆

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