Giving me the chop.

It’s been twenty one months since I last paid a hairdresser to cut my hair.
Hubby cuts his using WAHL clippers which cost £17 some 20 odd years ago so have paid for themselves when you think a barber would charge him £4 – £10 a go (probably most of that to find some to cut ❤ ❤ ).

I’ve been cutting mine for years too, as prior to that treat with Mum, the last professional job set me back some £42, and all I had was a trim and blow dry!
frizzIt’s been well over six months since I attacked my locks and my frizzy bits have gone slightly amok, so I took the scissors to it today.

Digital Camera

Stage 1, brush forward, trim uneven ends

Digital Camera

stage 2, twist to a point, cut off ragged bits

Digital Camera

stage 3, trim split ends sticking out at sides

Digital Camera

stage 4 flick back, reveal grey!

Digital Camera

loss of an inch or two

My hair doesn’t seem to have grown that much compared to June last year
hairbut the good news is it will suddenly have a spurt in a couple of weeks.
Still got a long way to go though until I can sit on it!

Google images
longest hairlongest hair 2Beautiful isn’t it, and this isn’t the longest hair in the world!


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16 Responses to Giving me the chop.

  1. colinandray says:

    I used to have hair down to my shoulders (a long time ago), and I just recently decided that I would let what little hair I now have… grow down to my shoulders once more! I’m going for that ex-hippy look!!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    It is…..and I didn’t know that length is humanly possible! My littlest had strawberry locks down to her knees when she was little, but that was, proportionately, not nearly as impressive 🙂

    • If you google ‘longest hair’ images, you will be amazed at the lengths. Some images aren’t in such good condition as my choices though, and some quite a mess imo!

  3. Capt Jill says:

    That’s some expensive hair cutting over there! I go to a chain called super cuts, they charge $13 for a haircut. No appointment needed. They do a decent job. I don’t ever ask for anything fancy (they charge more for that).
    I wonder what people do with hair so long as in those pictures, it seems to me that hair that long would be a major pain to keep up with. I grew mine down to my butt once when I was in school. As soon as I went back to work I realized there was NO WAY I would ever be able to take care of it and immediately cut it all back off to shoulder length or less. Much easier.

    • Mine’s not too bad to dry and keep tidy, though I rarely wear it loose as it gets in my eyes. Short hair on me needs a lot of attention, so I’m glad to keep it this length.
      Hair salons over here can be expensive, and the one I went to all those years ago was one of the best in the area. I was earning good money though, and it was my treat every couple of months or so. No way could I afford a perm at nearly a hundred quid!
      A few years later, a girl I worked with had her daughter’s hair done in those tight plaits all over as they were going away on holiday and she didn’t want any hassle. It set her back £95 for the kid, and £125 for her own. The daughter by the way was 8!

      • Capt Jill says:

        she should have waited to do the plaits til she got there, they’ll do them for a few bucks in most vacation spots. I saw a lot of that in Mexico, Thailand and the islands.

  4. Ritu says:

    My daughter has ‘sit on’ length hair!
    It’s a pain to wash n dry but looks beautiful!!!!
    And, way back in the day, I used to too!!

  5. janegundogan says:

    I dont want to tell you how much I pay for a cut here. OK I will a whole 7TL. I think that would probably be about 1.5 pound. A blow dry and a cut is 10TL. Yep its a hard life here in Mersin.

    • Last time I did a turkish lire conversion to sterling it was 12000 to one! (Bit out of date I think!!) Perms over here go by the inch, so the longer your hair, the more it costs (or was. I went in for a ‘quote’ and for my shoulder length hair at the time it was £115… that’s one hundred and fifteen. I passed). Best deal is always getting the hairdresser to come to your house, but you need to find a good one first, and THAT’S the problem.

  6. yokel. says:

    whats a haircut? I haven’t had one of those or a shave since August 1985.(and no i’m not bald)

  7. This is timely! Thank you!!

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