Floating on Maximum

This week, we’ve learnt an important, and vital,  lesson about our vessel.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a little ‘tea party’ with two couples in their 70s we have become friendly with who were checking on their boats before the Season starts.
They actually own cruisers berthed side by side, one some forty years old and the other about six, so totally different in design and size.
It was chilly on the pontoon and as neither had flasks for a hot drink to warm themselves up, I invited them all in.
I couldn’t offer cake or biscuits, but luckily I do own four extra mugs (remove battery chargers, USB keys and AA batteries before use), so tea was fine!

Seating would be a little cramped, but we managed, actually all sitting at the bed end of the boat, four outside on the helm bench shoulders (where we sit when chugging on the water) and two of us inside on the bed.
All very nice and cosy, and even better, we were all together in one group.
Conversation was abundant and we had a pleasant hour or so.

When they’d left and I was washing up, Hubby said that with everyone on board, the lower fender strips along the side of the boat were half under the water.
We would have been in serious trouble if it had been the top strip as that would have meant our waste pipe outlets were submerged!

Digital CameraYou can just make out the two rows of rubber fender on the black beneath the gunnel.

When the control panel states we have a maximum capacity for six people, they weren’t kidding!

Digital Camera

control panel

Digital Camera

the information bit that matters!



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10 Responses to Floating on Maximum

  1. colinandray says:

    Solution = put some weighing scales on the dock. Weigh everybody who intends to board and, if they are a little on the heavier side, refuse them boarding until they lose a few pounds! 450Kg is a lot of human weight, even divided by 6!

  2. No wild parties for you!

    • Definitely not, we haven’t the seating or standing room anyway, BUT we do have BBQ stands here on the marina, and rumour has it that there may be a BYO barbie for boat residents!

  3. Capt Jill says:

    wow, that’s not much leeway on your stability. I thought those boats could take a lot more weight. Didn’t they used to be for cargo?

    • Probably in years gone by when they were horse drawn along tow paths. Not ours though, we are a private vessel and so are kitted out with some rather heavy appliances etc. We have a water ballast beneath us so our stability is usually OK, but we are still a relatively small craft, 41 feet with a beam of 6’10.

  4. They really aren’t kidding on that number! At least you realized it now – I can’t imagine one would appreciate being invited to a party that ended up flooded (especially if that flood involved something that should remain in the toilet!).

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