Times they are a changin’

These days, we are both finding it difficult to keep up with Time, and more often than not, one of us will ask the other what day it is or what the date is.
One of my ten pound dash gifts to Hubby was a 12 X 8 inch kiddies chalk board. I got the idea when we were house sitting.
This has been put up on the kitchen tea cupboard door (having moved my electricity sheet) and is an absolute godsend.
chalk boardIt wasn’t hard to get into the habit of changing the date (no month), or making a note of when we emptied the loo, topped up the water, fuel, and when we ran the engine.
We’re also recording appointments, and Hubby’s warfarin dosages which differ daily, just to add to our CRAFT momentary confusions.

The clocks go forward in a couple of weeks, so technically, we will ‘lose’ an hour. I doubt if we’ll notice that much because we wake up when it’s light anyway.

But I’ve found myself thinking about how much things have changed over the years, not all for the better in my opinion, how Time itself is used today, and how we would all fare if everything went BANG tomorrow.

Whether it’s the after effects of watching Terminator Genisys for the third time, or the News headline about driverless lorries about to hit our roads,  I feel Technology is rampantly taking control of our lives, and we are all plugged in to something or other on a huge rollercoaster of interconnection, software apps and transcommunication.

filesWhen you think about it, everything about our life is on an electronic file somewhere: doctors, opticians, work, taxation, address, banking, car ownership, even the way we shop targets us with details of special offers that can only be calculated from that little Loyalty Card that sends the details of your bill to their big computer in Head Office. Why else do you think you get different offers to that of your friend or family members who shop in the same store but have different tastes and interests? THE COMPUTER KNOWS ALL.
Computers analyse data, but they cannot free think………. Yet. Check this out

On the way down South on Monday, Hubby and I were discussing Truckies.
Personally I think they are among the safest and best drivers in the world, and I have mountains of respect for them.
HGVs are not allowed in the fast lane on our motorways, BUT in the event of an accident or danger ahead, they have been known to occupy the entire width of the road to slow down traffic, and also make a clear path for the emergency services.
A driverless lorry couldn’t do that.

In ‘I Robot’ (2004), Will Smith’s character is saved from a car accident by a robot which had calculated better odds for his survival compared to that of ‘Sarah’, a teenage occupant in the other car who drowned.
i robotIn War Games (1983), the Computer was running Global Thermonuclear War, and it wasn’t until the end of the film when it was made to play TicTacToe against itself, that it ‘learned’ that nobody could win, so cancelled the programme and asked its creator if he’d rather play a ‘nice game of chess’.
war gamesThere are other films where the computers have’ taken over’ for the benefit and survival of Mankind, these below are just 2,

sci finot forgetting those that depict just how much of our computerised ‘personal data’ can be changed by those that know how.

If we really put our minds to it, just think of what we would NOT be able to access should the computer systems fail. Water, money, fuel, electricity, prescriptions, travel,  everything is connected up, wired in, linked to everything else, just like ‘Skynet’.
I go along with the Terminator theory and once computers become ‘self aware’,  Mankind will be thrown on the scrap heap.

IMO, eventually Time will have no part in our lives in its current form. We won’t be governed by a clock or watch,  already there is no 9 to 5 work day or 40 hour week anymore, the retirement age is forever being extended, we have little if any family time for whatever reason, and for women, their ‘body clock’ is being revised, cancelled, transferred or frozen.

Who knows, maybe in the not-so-distant future we will all be microchipped or bar coded at birth, and our lives programmed for us.
Then, if we don’t conform, the Computer simply pulls the plug.



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