My five minutes of fame

They say everyone is famous for fifteen minutes.
Well, I had the (final ?) five minutes of mine today, having had a previous five minutes or so in Lincolnshire.

The local radio station are doing a piece every day this week about living on a boat, and one of our friends was interviewed.  The interviewer wanted to chat to someone else, but sadly, no-one else appeared to be up and about, so I was nominated.
Quick rush to get out of bed, dressed and up to the car park where the mobile unit was waiting.

radioI was a frequent contributor to the Alphabeat game on a Saturday morning, where the DJ would pick a theme and listeners rang in with connected song titles, the aim being to cover all 26 letters of the alphabet. My best has to be in relation to Fruits/Food, as for D,  I rang in with the Bee Gees 1st of May. My explanation was that it was a ‘Date’. 🙂

On another programme, the topic was giving up smoking, and I was interviewed live on the radio across the phone having given up for over 15 years at the time (we quit in 1991). Unfortunately, we didn’t have potloads of extra money as they thought we’d have as we’d had a mortgage to pay instead! It was actually one of the reasons for giving up.
no smokingAgain in Lincolnshire, they were asking for comments on High Street Bank closures, and how we saw our banks/customer relations.
Having worked in the High Street branches of both Lloyds and TSB years before, I remembered all too well the pensioners coming in for a bit of company, as for some it was the only outside contact they had.
I rang in, and again was broadcast live from my mobile.
bankToday is the first time though that I’ve been interviewed face to face.
Nice chap, Dave.
He asked if we had planned buying a boat, and when I said no, was curious as to how we ended up here.
I explained about being forced out of the housing market eighteen months ago, but as a result, didn’t regret it. Concurring with my friend, I said it was a lovely life, the people are great, our boat has everything we need, and we liked it here.
His final question was what I missed from a house, and added that we have WIFI here, so were connected to the internet OK. I said I could probably do without that**  but there was something I really missed, and that was my washing line!
washing lineHe found that highly amusing, and with that, the interview was completed and he signed off.
Now off the air, we shook hands and went our separate ways.

Apparently we can get the broadcast up on a Ipad so I can hear the full programme and our interviews.
Er, we don’t have Ipads, but I wonder if we can download it anyway?

** (Previous posts say otherwise, but we do have the library locally, and if we had no internet here, we would have worked something out by now anyway)


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  1. That is very exciting stuff! Thanks for sharing the news and congrats! 🙂

  2. janegundogan says:

    Well fame becomes you my love!

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