Giving Hubby the Boot.

We’ve only been to Jersey once, taking an overnight ferry from Poole on a spur of the moment decision, so we had no cabin and had to ‘rough it’ wherever we could find somewhere to sit or lie down.
It was not a good crossing.
Nothing to do with our discomfort at having to sleep on the floor mind, but choppy weather, so we fully appreciated why the boat had been nicknamed the Vomit Comet.

I awoke comfortable and warm with a pair of strong arms around me, and snuggled into the cushioning chest of a complete stranger! Hubby was in the aisle across from me with a big grin on his face which was matched by the guy holding me who said,
‘You’re right, she snores!’
agnesBreakfast was another matter, with the passengers tentatively asking for cups of weak tea and dry toast. The canteen staff were watching with dismay as the trays of sizzling bacon, plump sausages, eggs and all other ‘celestial fixes’ wondrously fried were going to waste. That was until it was our turn in the queue and we asked for the full works.
The little guy in charge of the serving utensils was in his element as he gave us triple portions of everything, whilst those behind us held their stomachs, put hands across their mouths and dashed off somewhere as we took a seat close to the window to watch our arrival approaching the harbour.

We decided to go for the weekend  so had to find somewhere to stay.
Being dressed for comfort rather than to impress (read a little crumpled and rumpled), Hotels were out of the question, so we looked for a little B&B.

We ended up hiring a car, and made the mistake of putting a fiver’s worth of fuel in it.
This actually filled the tank as petrol was so much cheaper over there, so in order to use up our money’s worth, we needed to explore the sights .

jerseyAlthough the largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey only measures 118.2 square kilometres, with an estimated population (2014) of 99, 500 (source WIKI) .
At the time of our visit, the roads weren’t exactly good so it wasn’t unusual to come bonnet to radiator grill with a tractor coming the other way on a dirt track in a narrow lane.
We managed to find a rather nice B&B out of town which had its own restaurant and Saturday evening entertainment, so after booking in, having showers and a change of clothes, we planned a route.
jersey mapWe saw a lot of the island, most of it more than twice, heading top left for elevenses, bottom right for lunch, a cream tea in the south and stopped off to look at some gold and pearl jewellery in the making somewhere in the middle.

Having a tourist attraction map provided by our B&B hosts, we headed for the Jersey War Tunnels in St Lawrence where we found the German Underground Hospital (google map image).
jersey underground hospitalNow this we found very interesting, having enjoyed the Blitz exhibition at Flambards in Cornwall some years before. It’s truly authentic, and you feel you are actually living in the time. It also makes you realise the conditions people had to contend with in wartime.

Of course there is always a Gift Shop in places like this, and we hadn’t bought anything anywhere yet to denote our visit, so we came away with this.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Believe it or not, we clocked up 150 miles and there was still a good deal of fuel in the car when we handed back the keys.
Not bad when you think there are 350 miles of roadway on an island measuring 9 miles by 5 or thereabouts.


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7 Responses to Giving Hubby the Boot.

  1. Now I know what “New Jersey” was named after.
    Sounds like it was fun after the rough crossing (UGH). Always enjoy traveling along with you.

    • Thanks! This was a fair few years ago as we didn’t have a dog which was why we could have these impromptu trips. We had a good time though, the weather was kind, and the trip back was during daylight, so we could relax in comfort. Never did find out the name of the guy I ‘slept with’ that night! 😀

  2. I am a big fan of the “drink before you get on the ship” method of avoiding sea sickness. Note: I’m pretty sure it’s not doctor recommended. But it is fun!

    And nice job on racking up the miles on the small island – how hilly is it? It sounds just about the perfect size for bicycling, or renting a moped.

  3. Capt Jill says:

    yeah Sarah, that drink before you ship trick works well. You get all your puking over with quickly and feel better right away.
    I’ve worked on plenty of those ‘vomit comets’ and it’s always better to get sick early, people mostly perk right up afterwards

  4. Do you often wake up in the arms of strangers while your husband looks on?

    (Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist. 🙂 )

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