Veg project part 1

Following success with our veg plot in the cottage, who would’ve thought that there was so much to take into account for putting a couple of trays on the boat roof to grow a bit of veg!

After discussing what to grow over the weekend (playing safe with onions and tomatoes), Hubby had a plan and did a lot of measuring today.
measure boatHe came in and asked me to do some sums, jotting down the answers on his sheet of paper.
Before long, we had diagrams and measurements of boxes that would have to be custom made, as what was available was either too big or not cost effective for what we wanted to do. We wanted something like this but on a much smaller scale.
veg gardenHaving agreed on the dimensions and materials needed, we then put our minds to the quantity required for filling said boxes with compost/soil.
Confusion or WHAT!

It would appear that the size of compost bags is measured in litres not kilograms, so not only had we to calculate the capacity of our trays, but also convert that to litres to get an idea of how many bags we would need.

As with all our projects, we had left Plan A behind some time ago, and so we turned things round a bit and decided to make our boxes to fit the compost bag instead.
That meant going off to the garden centre armed with our trusty tape measure, pencil and a clean piece of paper.
plan aHaving tried to move just one 50 litre bag on my own and failing miserably (you have to remember we will be lifting the filled box), we put our collective thinking caps on to calculate the relevant weight that would apply.
It was a bit worrying when we realised just how heavy our boxes would become and therefore had serious concerns about the stress factor on our roof.
plan quoteBy now we were around revision G or H of our plan, and went back inside the garden centre to look for alternatives.
The lady on the counter was putting together some bulb arrangements, and we asked for her advice regarding size, capacity, and weight.ย  She was really helpful, and added that with all their flower trays, the litre capacity was stamped on the bottom. This made it easy for us to find (and understand, sort of) what we could use.
trayWe found the perfect solution for our onions in a long narrow tray (maybe not this bright) which was some 6 inches deep, and had a capacity of 18 litres. We have already discovered that we can buy a set of 30 onions for a pound, rather than have to buy a big bag of 100 as we did before. Our success rate by the way was 98%.

Tomorrow (pay day), we shall buy two trays, and Hubby will make wooden runners for them. He’ll then put some rubber draught excluder on the bottom of those to protect our roof.
If they work out OK, we may get a couple more. We actually have room for 6 from Hubby’s original figures, so may try our hand at something else that has shallow roots.

Now our tomatoes are going to be a snip.
We bought the seeds yesterday, and when we buy our trays tomorrow, will also be picking up a couple of galvanised metal buckets to put them in. We’ll start them off first early next month in plastic cups, which will give us plenty of time to decorate our buckets in the true (well ours) canal boat style.
painted potsThe buckets and plants therein will then sit on the front bow, toasting in the sun.
Well, that’s the plan…………….. Q isn’t it Love?

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  1. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

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    I think it is worth every effort to be able to grow something ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done ๐Ÿ™‚

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