Storm in a Tin Cup

Early on in our relationship, Hubby and I often went camping as it was a cheap holiday.
One year in Looe, Cornwall, we purchased this little chap and called him Stormin’ Norman, putting him inside the tent on ‘guard duty’.

Digital Camera

Stormin’ Norman

It’s not that he’s a weather gnome, security gnome, or any other kind of gnome, he was just a whim purchase all those years ago and is still with us (I took this picture just now with our iffy camera). I suppose you could say he’s a (g)home gnome as he’s always been indoors and so his paintwork has never had to deal with the outside elements.
He’s not looking bad for 25 years plus is he?

Digital Camera

This might be classed as ‘full frontal’

With today’s lousy weather and us being bashed around in this wind, it made me think what constitutes a storm.
Here in the UK the Met Office decided last October to name our storms, alternatively male and female, but omitting letters Q, U, X, Y and Z. I even read that apparently ‘female’ storms are more ferocious than their male counterparts. Interesting.
Shall we put that down to PMS then or just coincidence, you daft ‘experts’?

Measurement of wind speeds are recorded using The Beaufort Scale , and those nice people at Google had this image to explain and clarify.
beaufort scaleAt an average speed of 36mph, what we are experiencing now is a ‘moderate gale’.
However, gusts are up to 59 mph, so that comes under the category of a ‘whole gale’ each time we are thumped against the pontoon finger.

Funnily enough, neither Gale or Norman are storm names this year.
But from the list, there are quite a few names of friends and members of my family.

storm names
Does this mean they are all full of wind?

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  1. I think they should use all the letters. Zoe is a name as is Zelda!

  2. scifihammy says:

    Interesting post πŸ™‚ And Stormin’ Norman has lasted very well πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for sharing the wind chart with us. If my whim purchases last as long as Stormin Norman it would great. Ido have a stove traygiven us as a wedding gift over 60 years ago. Come think of our wedding anniversary was last month and neither remember it.

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