The Power of Colour

Have you ever thought about how powerful colours can be?
I don’t mean dazzling hues of reds, purples or oranges, but just the significance of a particular colour and the effect it has on people.
Flashing lights can trigger migraine and epilepsy, and computer screens can be ‘too bright’,  so some people, myself included, either change the backgrounds to something more relaxing on the eye, or have a screen filter attached to the front of their monitor.
I have tints in my glasses as well as what they call ‘transitions’  (which in their early days was referred to as ‘reactalite’ or ‘photogrey’), this being lenses that darken in sunlight.

Hubby and I walked up to the supermarket yesterday, and I waited outside with Maggie.
One of the members of staff came out looking a little untidy and was going to stop just outside the front door. He saw me and moved off, only to return a short while afterwards having tidied himself up (coat buttoned and hat placed properly on his head) wheeling a line of trolleys into the relevant bay, then picking up any discarded rubbish that customers had found too heavy to put in the bins.
He looked across at me and smiled, then trotted off to collect some more trolleys from the trolley stations in the car park and return them to the bays close to the building.

Below is a google image of a trolley attendant, but this is not our supermarket chain.
supermarket attendant
On the way home, we met up with a fellow boater who was a little anxious at being stopped as she didn’t recognise us. We were surprised she hadn’t recognised Maggie, but know her eyesight is failing, which is one of the reasons she gave up her car. We caught up with all her news as we hadn’t seen her for a while, then continued on our way.

Later in the afternoon, I walked up to my eye test and afterwards went into the T word Express (a supermarket we normally avoid), and asked the slightly bored looking security guard at the door where I could find batteries.
He had to turn to answer me, and a huge white smile split his black face in two as he told me I’d find them up by the self-service tills on the other side.
I rounded the corner, where a floor manager approached me and said he would show me if I would just like to follow him.
I remarked on the good service (a first from the T word actually) and he said he was pleased to help.
At the self-service till, another member of staff came immediately to my assistance, practically falling over himself in taking the electronic tag off my £5 purchase, and hovering close in case I needed help in operating the service monitor.
I could understand if it was a quiet day, but the place was full of shoppers and so quite busy.

As I came out to come home, I realised why I had possibly been singled out for VIP treatment, suffered mistaken identity as a member of the police force, and given the other supermarket attendant a wake up call.
I was wearing my yellow fluorescent jacket as it’s windproof as well as waterproof, and it was damn blowy yesterday.
The thing was, so were a lot of Officials doing the rounds (security, building inspectors, foremen, local PCSOs as it was market day, all emblazoned somewhere on their coats) and perhaps everyone thought I was one of them!

construction  securitysupervisor

PCSO is a Police Community Support Officer.


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