Monday, 25th January off line draft

Due to internet failure, I did a few prep posts off line, so forgive me if they appear out of order. Of course they were on my old laptop, and so I had the fun of transferring them over to the new one as well!

It’s been a bit of a mixed batch day today.
Several boaters have asked us if we’ve had problems connecting to the Internet, and when we say we have, they are relieved that it is not their computers, TVs, ipads or laptops. However, none had thought to ask anyone in the office if there was a problem.
Perhaps they consider us The Help Desk of the marina (not that we really mind).

internet access
I never managed to get internet access on my laptop in McDs either, though Hubby had no problems whatsoever, hence my little post using his machine.
Tomorrow will hopefully see at least four other residents have a word with The Management to voice their concerns over the WIFI not working, and perhaps, just perhaps, we will be able to log on, blog, check emails, news and the weather, for at the moment (night time as it is) we are literally in the dark.

We have a four speaker ‘car radio’ installed in the boat, some fancy do-dad thing with multi coloured lights and a variety of knobs and switches, but when we want to get a radio station? Nah. We can’t find anything playing something decent, even if it does interrupt the adverts, and when we switch off, all is lost, apart from the pretty lights.
flashing lightsWe got the manual out, and can’t figure that out either as the radio resets itself so quickly, speed reading, retuning and ‘locking’ in the space of a few seconds is impossible.
So most of the time we are relying on a cheap little transistor radio which cost four pounds some 6 odd years ago when Hubby was in hospital in Lincolnshire. It fades in and out of the tuning range even though we don’t touch it and aren’t moving, but at least it gives us a chance to catch up with the headlines, which don’t seem to change from morning to evening bulletins anyway.
In all honesty, we are more concerned about the weather and are aware that Storm Jonas is coming our way. We rely on our internet to keep abreast of bad conditions so that we can take the necessary precautions.
weather radarThe boat can take a pounding in high winds, so it’s imperative that our ropes are secure as is anything on our roof. There were some horrendous thumps and bangs in the night and Maggie wouldn’t settle, so none of us got much sleep.

With no internet and no good book to read, we rummaged through our DVD collection and watched a couple of favourites from a few years ago.
Having seen the originals, we both believe these remakes are actually better.
Stallone was OK as Judge Dredd (loved his bike), but Karl Urban has a more ‘dry’ approach and some great one liners.
Terminator Arnie was pretty good in Total Recall, but Colin Farrell is quite believable in the role, and the concept of travelling through the earth’s core in minutes is intriguing. I would not like to live in any of their sci-fi cities (chasms of empty space between apartment blocks), and as for driving? No chance. I had enough trouble playing 3D draughts, so changing lanes in a multi storey multi laned and multi directional traffic system would be totally beyond me!
Whoever thought these things up has my total admiration for imagination and vision, however terrifying, of a possible future.

On a happier note, I made a chicken curry for dinner today and it was one of the best I’ve done for a while. I didn’t add too many other ingredients, just a handful of sultanas, an onion, 2 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of sugar, curry powder, a little flour to thicken and a stock cube. We sprinkled some desiccated coconut on the top, and it was full of flavour.

Also, I am the proud owner of a new laptop, except until we get internet access, I can’t register it or get our reliable and preferred free anti virus software. The tablet Hubby had in mind was more restrictive than we thought for what we actually wanted it for, so he decided to treat me to a new machine instead. My current one is still OK to use as a DVD player, but we have been having more problems lately with running speeds and believe it may be on its way out. It’s less than two years old, but has taken a hammering which can be confirmed by the state of the keyboard and the fact that most of the lettering is either absent, tippexed, or sticky over-lettered.
While we were in McDs, Hubby cleaned my machine (again) and ‘reset it’.
However, despite its claims to the contrary, this procedure took off a lot of the software we’d installed manually, and although I didn’t lose any files, the formatting was different. Luckily, we kept our own back up of software installation so even without the internet, were able to load most of it back on.
frustration 5Note:
This is one of several posts to publish once we are reconnected!


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