Maggie on Guard Duty

Hubby noticed an unwanted and uninvited presence in one of our back tyres this afternoon, so it was up to the garage for a look-see and hopefully easi-fix.

We were asked to drive the vehicle in, then wait in reception, helping ourselves to free coffee whilst the mechanic had a look.
We left Maggie in the car, telling her as normal  ‘To Guard’.

maggie 30 5There was another customer waiting, though drawing him into conversation was like proving we owned the missing £33m lottery ticket, so we gave up, and whilst drinking a damn-decent-coffee-for-out-of-a-machine, watched the huge plasma TV screen promoting the garage’s services and special offers (I liked the cartoon about replacement wiper blades).

After about twenty minutes, the other customer’s car was ready, so he settled his bill and drove off.
Luckily for us, the nail had not gone completely through the tyre, but it was pretty close, so a repair was made at a cost of £23.

This was tons better that £60 plus for a new tyre or worse, a tow off the motorway as our car has one of these self repair kits rather than a spare. Part of the deal when we bought it though was three years roadside assistance so we would have been covered, but would still have needed to fork out for a new tyre at THEIR garage prices.

One of the lads got into the driving seat, started the engine to take the mileage details and then proceeded to bring the car to us.
Her ladyship sat contentedly in the back but kept quiet, so he had no idea she was there.
Some bloody guard dog!
Someone could have been stealing our vehicle, and she would have let them! Well, she would have been nicked too, and I wonder how much she’d miss her comfy bed, treats, and being spoilt rotten every day!

Then something really funny happened.
She saw both of us outside, did a double take and actually looked at the driver.
She then stood up and moved into his line of sight in the rearview mirror, nudging his shoulder. Luckily, he’d heard us laughing and realised there was a dog in the back, but she still didn’t bark.
If anything, when we got in, she hung her head in embarrassment, and since we’ve been home, we haven’t heard a peep out of her.

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Pictures in this post taken last year.

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  1. Perhaps she was making a new friend rather than guarding the car!

  2. Ha! Poor Maggie thought she was getting away with not doing her job, until she saw you. I understand. I’m always a little embarrassed when the boss catches me surfing the web instead of doing my work.

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