Friday Rant

This is the sort of thing that makes me blow a fuse (link)

It is unfortunate that they are both out of work.
It is sad that they are facing eviction (again).
It’s tough they can’t get any state help.
But you know what?
I have no sympathy.

Hate me if you like, but there are more deserving people on waiting lists, queuing at food banks and holding down two or more jobs to feed and clothe their families.

This ‘poor’ couple blew £50,000 in eight months.
I don’t care they say they helped their family.
Fifty thousand pounds would keep Hubby and I (and the dog) going for at least FIVE YEARS.
OK, I’ll give you that we have no mortgage or rent to pay, but we do have mooring fees which is a similar thing and we pay our taxes, all of which are included in this figure.

This pair of idiots say they were sometimes spending £70 a day on food.
WHAT THE F*** WERE THEY BUYING? Certainly not basic staple stuff. This kind of money would feed the three of us for over a fortnight, AND we would be eating very well thank you very much.

They bought designer clothes, furniture for a new flat and a giant TV.
Material things, dear people. You can always sell them if you’re that hard up.

They admit they were ‘a bit silly’, and the money ‘could have lasted longer’.
Now they are facing eviction from their flat as they cannot pay the £700 a month rent.
If they helped their family, maybe they should think about lodging with them for a while.

I don’t begrudge anyone a holiday, but the article says HOLIDAYS, so all this time they weren’t looking for work, were they. I wonder if they were getting their unemployment benefit all the time they were away?

All I can say is that for a couple who were out of work and had no income other than state benefits, they go beyond foolish.
They were blessed with a substantial windfall and wasted it, having the perfect opportunity to treat themselves and still put money aside for harder times until they found work.
Sure, have a holiday by all means. Do up your home with ‘nice things’, go shopping for clothes, but for heaven’s sake, be sensible!

I am not heartless, but I have been unemployed. I have been unable to get work and worried where the next penny was coming from. I have had to feed a family of 4 on £8 a week. But, if I had had this kind of money drop in my lap, after an initial modest celebration, I would have kept some in reserve to tide me over until better times.

I have no idea of their upbringing, background, values or standard of living.
Yes, I’m older than they are, but I was only in my twenties when I relocated and tried to find work.
He says he’s been working since the age of about nine to 22 or 23. I had my first holiday job at the age of 11, and was always encouraged to save for anything I wanted. It was how I learned to appreciate the value of money. Using the rule of three, I paid for my keep, saved for a rainy day, and spent whatever was left over on bus fares and ‘mad money’.
In later life, I got caught in the spiral of plastic and debt, but got out of it by going without, counting the pennies, and not being wasteful in my spending.
But hey, that was me, and fifty years ago standards and expectations were so vastly different.

This is a perfect example of many young people today wanting (and getting) something for nothing and when their stupidity gets them into financial trouble, they expect someone else to foot the bill.

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14 Responses to Friday Rant

  1. There are people who fall upon hard times and then there are people who consistently throughout their life make bad decisions. This couple seems to fall into the latter category. I loaned a friend enough money to pay her rent (when I was young and foolish). The next month instead of paying me back she bought a sound system. I asked for my money and received it in small payments over 6 months. She could have taken the sound system back and paid her debts. We are a dying breed.

    • I feel bad for how I feel about things like this, but it does make me angry when I’m aware of so many people living on the breadline who could only dream of this kind of money. It’s a case of priorities, but at least you eventually got your money back.

      • I did get my money back but I learned a lesson. I don’t think you should feel badly for your view on this. This was a very foolish couple. Unfortunately I’ve seen this too often.

      • Me too. I worked with a couple earning excellent money, but they spent every penny they earned. Then she lost her job and it was the biggest wake up call as they had no savings.

  2. colinandray says:

    I notice no comments yet!!!!

    Here goes! I agree with you 100%. I agree that they should be thoroughly investigated before being even considered for assistance. Their stupidity, and lack of self control, should in no way obligate tax payers to bail them out. They perhaps have friends and relatives who could assist re accommodation. They should perhaps relocate to an area that does have job prospects. They should perhaps simply grow up and accept that there is a real world that involves taking responsibility for ones actions. In the event that assistance is approved to keep them off the streets, then I trust their income will be garnisheed appropriately until the assistance is paid back.

    I used to have a sign on my desk at work “Lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part.” It can be adapted to fit this scenario quite well!

    • Good work sign Colin.
      I would not wish them on the streets, so hopefully alternative accommodation may be offered, but perhaps not what they’re expecting.

  3. You know the debt we are in and I cannot fathom asking anyone to get us out of this, even though ours is medical debt – not us being fools with our money.

    People are nuts.

  4. good stuff like the post!

  5. janegundogan says:

    I actually did read this story online and my first thought was “Idiots”. No they don’t deserve help from the Govt but I bet they get it anyway.

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