Sleeping on the Edge.

I’ve done a few posts on sleep (for example here and here).
Naturally, a good mattress helps towards a good night’s sleep, but sometimes even the most expensive becomes a hindrance rather than an asset.

I am an edge sleeper. It doesn’t matter which side I sleep on, or how wide the bed is, I will always sleep on the edge, and be comfortable doing it. If I get too hot, I stick my feet out of the bottom, or throw the duvet back without uncovering Hubby who feels the cold much more than I do.

At the moment though, I have a problem.
Sleeping on the edge as I do, for the first time ever, I am in danger of falling off.
This is nothing to do with Maggie snuggling up behind my knees or on the bottom of the bed as she does in the boat.
It also has nothing to do with Hubby who cuddles in close knowing my body heat far exceeds any hot water bottle and will never go cold.

It’s all down to memory.
memory mattress
There are many different kinds of memory foam mattresses available or ‘toppers’ if you can’t afford a whole one: ours in the cottage was £400 and the one in our guest room (which we gave to MOH) was £300 and actually better quality.
In theory for those of us with back problems or similar, they are great as they mould to our shape as we sleep, therefore resulting in no pressure points and a good night’s sleep.

We have a memory foam mattress on the boat which is firm and comfortable. It’s only four feet wide, but I sleep tight against the side of the boat, so still ‘on the edge’ but have extra support at 90º if I need it. Maggie curls up in the bottom corner, and if she gets cold, will sidle up between me and the hull at full stretch. Hubby therefore sleeps on the aisle side and can get out without disturbing me.

There is a memory foam mattress here too, but it’s very different to anything we’ve slept on before.
Still comfy, but softer than ours, and it doesn’t give up your shape until you actually get OFF it.
So, if I sleep on my left side and then roll over, the mattress doesn’t adjust.
As no-one is symmetrical, my right side doesn’t match and there lies the problem….. my ‘groove’ works against me!

falling out of bed


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3 Responses to Sleeping on the Edge.

  1. Oh, giggle. Great title. Can really identify with this one. They say the memory foam mattresses let you sink in/adapts to you better in warmer weather, but with everyone on the bed, you’d think that would be warm enough to trick the mattress into cooperating.

  2. janegundogan says:

    Yeah Ive got a memory foam mattress as well but I have issues when I toss and turn, I find I can never get comfortable. I also feel like Im on an angle whether I really am or not.

    • It’s even better on a boat! Mind you, I had this sensation when I slept in a single bed which had a cheap mattress on it. I know it was cheap (£50) because it was one we’d purchased when we had students.

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