Dang Dung merrily I’m Hi

Shopping today in one of our regular haunts, I was again relieved not to have my ears bombarded with Slade and Wizzard walking through the door.

But my relief soon turned to dismay as today was much worse.
I’m talking Karaoke.
A few years ago (OK, twenty something years ago) my firm’s office party had Karaoke on the menu as the evening’s entertainment. There was a sticker under one chair at each table, and the poor soul who had it was expected to do a turn rather than a runner.
As the company paid for the meal and all drinks, there were some very well inebriated Happy Larries who were having a ‘wail’ of a time, torturing our eardrums.
It turned out to be quite an eye opener too though as one of the shyer guys in our F/X department had a fabulous voice and got a standing ovation for his rendition of ‘Imagine’.

Other Brother actually had a Karaoke business which provided him with a good income for many years. Initially it proved very popular with their friends, their friends (not a ditto), and their friends’ friends, but took off big time as he has always been lucky in getting in on a trend at the right moment.
It also gave his missus ‘the floor’ and she took full advantage (I won’t go there).

Anyway, I have a sneaky feeling that the Christmas music running through the store today may have been the staff’s festive Karaoke from last year.
singersI could see some of the staff blushing madly, some scampered for cover, and one male was happily singing away as he stocked the shelves in perfect unison and harmony with the track playing, a Bung Crasby in the making.

Let us just say it was not all good, and from the off-key versions of the usual ‘classics’, no-one in their right mind would pay good money to own a copy of this CD.
singerNext year, it might be Wizzard again. Bliss (not).


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10 Responses to Dang Dung merrily I’m Hi

  1. colinandray says:

    I was appalled at the concept of fun being to place stickers under chairs, and expecting the unsuspecting person to perform! Since when did that company believe that intimidation and embarrassment of some poor individual was fun? Sorry ……… I hate lack of thought and insensitivity! Of course this is all part of the “because its fun for me, it must be fun for you” syndrome ……. extended over Christmas to “I’ll buy you what would appeal to me!” Total lack of thought!

    • I hadn’t actually thought of it like that. My first Christmas party with the firm was an eye opener as because everything was free (including taxis home) there were an awful lot of people making complete idiots of themselves, and I certainly draw the line at food fights!

  2. Unfairly published vocals! Gads. Radio – CD- anything!

  3. Capt Jill says:

    What’s wizzard and slade? I know kareoke can be pretty aweful, but a lot of times its a lot of fun. I never heard it in a store tho, usually its in a bar where everybody’s getting drunk so it doesn’t matter too bad how bad it is. 😉

    • Wizzard (Ron Wood) and Slade (Noddy Holder) are pop groups from the 70s with Christmas hits of I wish it could be Christmas every day and (So here it is) Merry Christmas. I don’t know if it was a karaoke tape but it was certainly bad enough to be one! Just a personal observation anyway.

      • Capt Jill says:

        oh, I guess those guys never made it over here, I’ve never heard of them. Not that I’m much up on a lot of ‘entertainment’ news lately.
        Surprised they would be doing any kareoke in a store!

      • Maybe in the stores that sell the machines, though it’s not as popular as it was. As I said, Slade and Wizzard go back to the 70s, so you may be too young to remember them anyway.

      • Capt Jill says:

        probably, the only British music I listened to back then was the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. 🙂

  4. polarflares says:

    I do love the idea of the staff at the store singing the Christmas hits. My sister works at a department store and I’m going to suggest it to her. They go bonkers hearing the same xmas tunes everyday but it would make them laugh to hear their co-workers!

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