Going to the Mattresses

This isn’t part of the Three Quote Challenge, though it could be as apparently it’s from The Godfather as referred to in You Got Mail.

No, this is really about beds.
dog bed



In one of the early episodes of NCIS (before Kate got shot), it was mentioned that a woman liked to sleep in her own bed. When I come to think about it, that statement probably has some truth in it as how often does the Woman stay over at the Guy’s (or is that just in the US)?

Anyway, we are here with MOH this weekend, and sleeping on ‘our mattress’.
When we come here, it feels like a second home. You may remember when I wrote about our Great Sort Out that we gave our spare (almost new) mattress, cooker and DVD player to him along with several other little practical things.
I’d never actually slept on it in the Cottage though our guests had and always said how comfortable it was, so it made sense that when we moved into our new smaller property (or not as it turned out) we would have a practically new mattress to sleep on.

I’ve slept on some ‘interesting’ mattresses in my time, including one that nearly ate me.
It was so soft that when I sat on it, the damn thing sank in the middle and attacked me from both sides!
When we lived with my grandfather, my mattress was made from horsehair or straw or something similar. It had a black and white striped cover and was absolutely rock solid!
I slept on a similar one in the box room at my other grandfather’s in 1970 when I went up for a holiday.
The cover on the mattress when I was in hospital in 1977 made me sweat, and I’ve already done a post on our four poster.

four poster 1However, although having something comfy beneath you, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a good night’s sleep.
Noise, temperature, state of mind, toilet habits, lighting, hunger pangs, pain and of course company can all play an important role in the journey to the Land of Nod.

My problem is normally more to do with my pillows than the actual mattress. If I can’t get my head comfy, well then there’s no hope for the rest of me really.
On the boat, I sleep with three pillows to help my reflux problems, though sometimes I end up sleeping upright anyway.
Hubby on the other hand sleeps with two, usually discarding one during the night.
bb bedroom 1Our mattress is one of the Memory Foam variety, so quite firm without being too hard. We air it every day by pulling the bedding back, and once a month or so turn it 180º .  We used to turn our sprung mattresses over as well as rotating, but the memory foam ones aren’t designed to sleep ‘on both sides’.

Whenever we were in a B&B, the beds were always clean and comfortable (bar the Phantom Guest Eater) with a variety of bedding.
As a kid, in the colder months, I had to have weight on the bed to feel warm, so as well as flannelette sheets, I’d have 2 or 3 blankets, an eiderdown, throwover and quilt.  It wasn’t until I went on a poetry course in 1974 that I had my first introduction to a duvet which was all that was on the bed besides a sheet. These days, sometimes the duvet is too much and the top half of me together with my feet usually end up uncovered.

Temperatures are on the way down though and the Mendip Hills have seen their first flurry of snow. With the wind chill factor, last night reached  – 9º back home and wind gusts hit 154.8 kph (96.2 mph) at one of the lock stop-over points on the way to Stratford Upon Avon.
MOH has HUGE duvets that overhang his beds on both sides almost to the floor. Hubby still managed to get most of the one on ours and I had a modest little corner just covering my shoulder this morning.

Last year, he had two extra blankets on his side and still got cold, even with a hot water bottle and me .
It looks like we’re in for a much colder winter this time. Still, we have our hot water bottles, extra blankets and even our door curtain to fall back on, so we’ll be snug.
old couple in bed


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  1. My sleeping habits have changed considerably as I have gotten older. I used to sleep in a flannel nightgown (during the winter months), covered from neck to toe with fuzzy socks on. These days, that would be way too warm and like you, I use my feet to regulate my temperature, sticking them out (bare) as needed. I like it warm with two blankets but the second one flies on and off all night long. The funny part is that my husband insists that the temperature in the bedroom is the same year round. It doesn’t feel the same to me!

    • The temperature in the boat varies considerably. In the Summer, it’s really hot and in the winter can be quite chilly. We can heat the boat up then, but trying to keep cool is an interesting past time……… though this year having the covers, we were able to leave the hatch partially open at night.

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