Rain? What Rain?

Hubby checked the radar and weather site at 6 am this morning, and confirmed there was no rain anywhere on the map, or a time frame when to expect some.
However, our own foolproof method suggested otherwise, as not only could we hear the tell-tale pitter patter on the roof, but on pulling back the curtains, saw it was tipping it down.

Maggie rolled over and went back to sleep, but just before 8, I thought I’d better get up and take her out before she started getting anxious. Hubby isn’t up to walking any distance yet, so that honour will continue to fall to me for a while, not that I mind, provided it’s not in a torrential downpour.
wind and rainWearing the black waterproofs doesn’t bother me, and with Maggie in her little jacket, we set off, Hubby following as he was desperate for a shower.
I decided to walk round the Avenue, knowing Maggie would do the business and once back at the boat, she’d be OK for several hours. It looked like the wet stuff was going to be with us for quite a while and I hoped I wouldn’t have to come out in it all the time for her.

I saw hardly anyone, just one dog owner who had tied his pet up when he went into the newsagent. However, approaching the school grounds, it soon became apparent why.
There were cars everywhere, parked wherever there was an available space. In fact, I have never seen so many there, not even on election day when one of the school outbuildings was used as a polling station.
They were all big cars too, 4 X 4s, Range Rovers, BMWs, Audis, Volvos, Shoguns, all gas guzzlers and not a single economy vehicle amongst them.

I saw little girls getting out carrying umbrellas (something I could never get on with) as they tried to balance their lunch boxes and rucksack/holdalls.

I saw older boys running in, blazers flapping, trying to dodge the rain before the gel on their hair glooped down their necks.

But what attracted my interest most were the mothers.
Yes, it was all ladies dropping off their offspring.
Some were in designer clothes, made up to the nines, and wearing the most hideous and highest of heels.
How the hell can they drive in those????
kinky boots tottietotties
Others were smartly attired with not a hair out of place, and one was waving her child off as she swung out into traffic one handed whilst nursing her mobile phone, which hadn’t left her ear for the duration of arrival, park, disembark youngster, departure.

I always used to ‘dress’ for the office, though I rarely wore make-up. My hair was shorter then with a curly perm, so easy to manage (as in wash and go) without blow drying or tweaking into shape/style with a dryer.
Even when I dropped the kids off to school, I did so in a small compact car that was economical to run.

I felt kind of like a damp squib as I walked by in my plastics.
black waterproofs

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  1. Wearing such high heels suggest wrong values. Wait until their feet give out.

  2. amommasview says:

    My feet hurt just looking at those heels!!!

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