Hubby and I love doughnuts, almost as much as belgian buns.
However, our local supermarket changed their recipe a little while ago and as they weren’t as nice, we stopped buying them.

Obviously neither did anybody else as they have now reverted to the original mix AND dropped the price.
jam doughnutsAn elderly gentleman who comes to stay on his little cruiser for the odd weekend told us he loved doughnuts, and couldn’t find a shop or baker that sold anything decent.
When we went to the supermarket, we bought him a pack of 5 to share with one of his mates on the river, and since then, whenever he goes to get some, he always buys some for us.

Doughnuts in the fairground are of the ringed variety, you know, those with the less fattening centre as they have a hole in the middle, and as such are normally referred to as ring doughnuts.
doughnutsI believe our friends across the Pond call our jam doughnuts ‘jelly doughnuts’, and our local supermarket does a choice of either raspberry or strawberry. The last lot we had seemed to have double the jam quantity as each of us took a bite and ending up wearing the filling.

We also have split doughnuts (long doughnut fingers) with sympathetic or fresh cream, or iced doughnuts (long or round) which have been drizzled with icing sugar or flavoured fondant.
split doughnuts   iced doughnuts

Add to the list apple, custard, chocolate, lemon or cola fillings (latter was not a very good seller and has since disappeared from the shelf), and anyone with a sweet tooth is on to a winner (and so probably is their dentist) .

Today we sampled the creme de la creme of doughnuts, and because they were so delicious, I have decreed the supermarket off limits for the sake of our diet.
I am talking about Salted Caramel doughnuts.
Round, plump, squidgey doughnuts stuffed with gooiness.
The filling was better than any soft caramel toffee, the salt was miniscule in its content or taste (unlike the salted caramel ice cream I had in the summer which was not all that pleasant and I wish I’d stuck to rum and raisin), and we were both craving for more.

At a mere forty seven pence for 5, is it no wonder we consider them good value for money?
However, you can guarantee that these awesome sugary treats (and all confectionery, soda drinks and cakes) will come heavily under fire in the war against obesity soon and be subjected to a 20% (or whatever the government decides) tax.

That takes the cost up to 56p, so it’s still a snip!
doughboy Bring it on!

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10 Responses to Doughnuts

  1. rumpydog says:

    I love doughnuts! I prefer the kind without jam, or jelly. We have cake doughnuts and yeast doughnuts here. I like the yeasty ones, bits of dough deep-fried in hot grease then dusted with powdered sugar. Mmmmmm…..

    • Our previous dog took 20 minutes to eat his first doughnut, licking off all the sugar, turning it over to make sure he hadn’t missed a bit and then licking the carpet. He then gently nibbled the outside and found the jam, so stuck his tongue in as far as it would go and licked all that out. Once satisfied, he finished off the rest. The second one he had lasted all of two bites in as many seconds!!

  2. We have two local supermarkets that make donuts better than the chain donut shops. I don’t buy them often because I tend to eat the whole half-dozen by myself. (If you ever saw a picture of me, you’d know that I’ve done that way too many times!).

    Those photos are yummy looking!

    • I know what you mean. Sometimes I just have to look at a doughnut and the inches creep round my waist! Google has some great doughnut images don’t they. At least pictures aren’t fattening!

  3. I hate when people bring bagels to work. Don’t they know there is a far more delicious and equally portable food featuring a hole in the middle?

    Also, I am liking those split doughnuts. I can’t recall seeing them here.

  4. Capt Jill says:

    I love donuts too. I picked up a couple earlier at the grocery store. They’re SO much better fresh!

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