Old Favourites

Everyone has them, be it a pair of faded jeans, sweat shirt, toy, photograph, film or book.
Giving a lot of our books to charity wasn’t as difficult as I thought, as I had read many of them several times and enjoyed them with each reading, but things change.
I had all the Jack Reacher books, but after the casting of Tom Cruise in the lead role of the film version of One Shot, I could no longer take it seriously, lost my interest and have made no attempt whatsoever to read the latest two offerings now available.

I also had the complete works of David Baldacci, Matthew Reilly and Erica James, plus over 80 titles by Sandra Brown.

I have never been a fan of romantic fiction, apart from my SB collection,  in fact in years gone by (over 45 actually), they used to give me nightmares for some reason.
All that slushy stuff, no thank you! I wanted nothing to do with it and turned to Stephen King, James Herbert and John Saul.
However, a book that made me cry deserved to be kept, and thus I still have Precious Time, It’s The Little Things, and The Queen of New Beginnings by Erica James, and Breath of Scandal, Envy, The Silken Web, and Lethal by Sandra Brown.

But my total favourite has to be one that was printed in the UK originally in 1997, and although I owned several by this author, I kept just this one.
I have read it so many times, the gold gilt on the cover has rubbed away, the pages are turning brown, and it is looking rather worn. I’m reading it again now, and it’s like curling up with an old friend.

Digital Camera

My Copy

Digital Camera

My Copy

It is a love story and the main characters are far from poor. In fact they are loaded, but it has humour, depth, sorrow, wit, deceit, honour, family loyalty and a couple of neat twists, which is probably why I liked it, that and the fact that the money angle is so ridiculously out of my league that I could have my escapism!

As far as I know, it’s still available to buy, but the cover will be different to my copy.
remember whenOther titles by this author I would recommend are:
Paradise, Perfect, Night Whispers, Someone to Watch Over Me, and Every Breath you Take. There are also Double Standards and Tender Triumph which I didn’t enjoy quite as much, and I have read some of her earlier stuff but wasn’t keen, probably because they were written in a different ‘age’ (as in era).
Sadly, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ (aka ‘Someone Like You’ judging by her title list) was never available to buy over here, so I can’t comment on that.

But Remember When………… the tissues are already handy.


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  1. I’m always looking for books to read. I’ll check out your suggestions.

    Several years ago, I realized I didn’t have room for all the books I had. I gave the hardcover ones to my daughter who had just moved into her first home and wanted to set up her own library. As for the paperbacks, I usually pass them on to my mother-in-law, who reads what she wants and then puts them into the library at her apartment building (a senior complex where many of the residents are living on Social Security). She tells me the other tenants often ask her if her daughter-in-law has brought in any new books recently. Makes me feel good.

    • We used to give a lot of our books to the library until our branch closed. Here, when I made enquiries, they only take books that are no older than 12 months as there is a charity shop further down that handles the older ones. Ho hum,. The doggie charity shop were pleased with our contributions, whatever they were. My mother also had a ‘girls’ network for recycling books too. The ones I mention are quite old, but I enjoyed this particular style of writing. Hope you enjoy any you choose to read.

  2. janegundogan says:

    When you said you had all those books I was thinking “where on earth does she keep them?” Coming to Turkey I had to get rid of my entire book collection which completely devastated me. I did bring a few over with me but of course my absolute favourite, which I have read close to 50 times, is Pride and Prejudice. I can pretty much recite most of it now and the writing always draws me into the story. Every.Single.Time.

    • In the cottage, Hubby built a floor to ceiling shelving unit in our back corridor which housed all of our DVDs and videos. In the lounge, he built a bookcase in one of the recesses (my piano filled the other so you get an idea of size) and that was full. Hubby also had a liking for Jack Higgins and we had two entire shelves dedicated to him for several years, but then the stories seemed to be recycled, and we saw a filmed version of one which had such bad casting for ‘known characters’ it turned us both off anyway! You can imagine how pleased the charity shops were with those we didn’t want to keep!

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