Hubby’s present (past and future)

What do you get someone for a ‘Special Birthday’ (don’t tell Hubby I said that, as he wants to ignore the event and treat it as a normal day).
birthday candlesDon’t get me wrong, he’s happy with a packet of peanuts and a sherbet fountain (that’s what I gave him the first Christmas we were together as we were both skint), but he absolutely hates the idea of me spending any serious money on him…….. AT ALL…….. and there lies the problem.

I’ve written before about our £10 Christmas dash, and that we treat ourselves to a DVD or something as an Our Present. He would spend a fortune on me if he had it (not that I’d let him though, I’m happy with a bag of jelly babies and a bar of chocolate), but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish he would treat himself. He’s not exactly extravagant, and we have been very careful lately, so why not? He deserves it.

A little while ago (like 2 years) the on/off switch on his laptop failed, and being the ever inventive guy that he is, his tool for turning it on became either an arm of his glasses, a pop-a-point pencil tip, or something slim and pointy.
ill laptopIt was also around this time that he noticed the battery was on the way out as it wasn’t holding the charge as long as expected anymore and a replacement was eighty something pounds. This was only available by mail order as it was ‘obsolete’ and thus attracted post and packing charges.

Not that long ago (over 12 months) his mouse pad failed periodically, so he dug out the manual mouse, and for any intricate work (like tweaking our photos or compilations of images) he’d use that. To be honest, he says he prefers a manual mouse sometimes.
In the past six months, his keyboard died, so he went out and bought a full plug-in keyboard for six quid from a local supermarket.

spag junction
Armed with leads that would put any blueprint of Spaghetti Junction to shame (we mustn’t forget mains and of course our internet extender gizmos), he has been managing with the laptop propped on his knees, the keyboard on his lap holding it in place and the mouse on the cushion alongside him.
Every so often, there would be this scrunching noise (frightened me to death and still makes me jump every time it happens) as the laptop slipped off the edge of the keyboard, most times accompanied by major swearwords as he was always in the middle of something important when it happened.

laptop jokeFound the above cartoon on google. It’s totally irrelevant, but I think it’s funny as his laptop is so old, chances are it was a waffle iron!

This morning saw a slip too far, and the damn thing nearly got thrown in the marina.

To backtrack a little, we have been looking around for a replacement, but for the money we had available compared to what was on offer to buy, well, the twain did not meet.
Not even close actually.

Until two weeks ago.

We saw a laptop which was ideal, the price was right, and a guy on the marina had one and invited him to ‘play’. It did everything he wanted of it, so we decided to buy one.
I hate the following three little words:

We continued to look, but prices were a little silly, so when we were in Gloucester the other day, we went into a larger branch of the store we’d seen this one in only to be met with those same three words.
Hubby asked at the counter.

It’s a con.
They don’t have any in stock….. in ANY of their branches, and won’t until the Christmas delivery the second week in December.

Oh sorry, did I hibernate? I thought we were still in October.

It would appear that this particular model is to be one of their Christmas promotion specials.

Well mush, not in our house (boat). If it’s not available for sale, it shouldn’t be advertised.

Give the guy his due though, he didn’t have to tell us what he did.

Hubby was actually relieved, especially as the price for this particular model (even though they weren’t available to purchase) had amazingly gone up by twenty pounds.

Today, we were doing a favour for a friend and found ourselves in another electronics and computer outlet. We sort of drifted over to the laptop counter (read: shove Hubby in the right direction).
successWhat joy!
The model he wanted was on the shelf at ten pounds less than the first price he’d seen it for, and a very nice salesman came and had a chat with us.
Bigger joy.
Hubby said YES!

Sadly though, my joyous pleasure was short-lived as the one on the shelf was the last one in stock, and new stocks would be twenty pounds dearer.
Not a problem, there was an alternative at the same price, and Hubby agreed to have one of those instead.

I was practically skipping to the checkout waving my bank card as a banner, where we were told it was on special offer and ten pounds less, PLUS he had a free carry bag of either a briefcase design or rucksack (Hubby chose the latter as he could put it on his back and still manage his sticks) worth an additional ten pounds.
new laptopYou have no idea how lovely it is to sit here and use my laptop seeing him out of the corner of my eye doing his own thing with his, knowing that nothing is going to fall apart, down or be thrown and break our concentration!

Happy Birthday Hubby (even if it isn’t until next month).

He’ll probably tell me now that this is his present for the next 5 birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases. OK, I can live with that (until next year, he he).

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  1. Sounds like you got a great deal, and when you were least expecting it. Happy Birthday to Hubby!

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