Unusual Specs: Space Savers

With little free space (and even less by means of possessions now thank goodness), we are always on the lookout for ideas to cram as much into as little as possible.
A couple of posts in my reader today are to do with what is in the cupboard, and as we only have 2 cupboards (the 2 small ones on the wall house our mugs, spices, tea bags and coffee), 1 single wardrobe, 2 under bed lockers and a third under our remaining bench, you can imagine that if we want anything, it will nearly always be at the back, and if things don’t fall out as we try to reach them, they have to be removed so that we can.

When we had the Great Sort Out, one of the bulky things to go was the pressure cooker.
So when Hubby saw one in Ikea when we purchased our coffee table, we decided to buy it, and would work out where to store it later (the car has been its home for the past week).
Later is now.

Surprisingly, the space we lost under the removed bench has been redistributed in our shelving, little bookcase and the ‘hidden’ storage in front of the bow step. This is ideal for our scrap books, Scrabble set and photo box, as they are safe and out of the way.
The two boxes we had under the bench contained our DVDs, CDs and books, and all of these have been stored elsewhere. The cardboard box has therefore been disposed of, and the lidded plastic container is a perfect home for our new vacuum cleaner, which can live outside on the bow and remain dry in bad weather.

The cupboard Hubby modified contains our tinned stuff, UHT longlife milk,  cereal, rice, pasta and our crockery, and the cupboard under the sink is our glory hole. Every home has one, be it under the stairs, under the bed, or even in the roof.
I came up with the idea of buying several baskets to put our things in, thus keeping everything tidy and in some kind of order.
Armed with a list of measurements and a tape measure, we went shopping.

The price of baskets was bloody ridiculous and the fold up plastic crates were just a little too long for the shelf. We did find a set of three lidded plastic boxes for just under ten pounds, but even they weren’t really what I had in mind, and to be honest, not worth the money.
Hubby noticed something suitable at a fraction of the price, and we purchased 4.
bowlWashing up bowls.

They were absolutely perfect for the job in hand, and even better, a space was vacated with ‘Put Pressure Cooker Here’ written all over it.

I’d also got sick and tired of the mess in one compartment of the cutlery tray which was brimming with spoons (serving and wooden), spatulas (wooden and plastic), egg whisk and can opener (my sharp knives are already on a magnetic bar on the side of the wall cupboard)  so today we went into a charity shop and purchased a Utensils caddy for £2.75.

In the bottom of our modified cupboard is a plastic tray containing packet soups, mash (yes, I use instant mash) and my life saver in the dessert department of instant custard. Floating around in there are also the rice and pasta bags in use, plus our store of the same.
As some of the stuff in a small tray under the sink has now found a new home in one of the washing up bowls, all the new packets are lying flat in the tray and the second tray is on top filled with the open ones.

Sometimes I think I’m living in a Tardis.
tardis 2
I am now on the lookout for a tea caddy. But not just any tea caddy.
The one I have in mind has biscuits in it.
And costs about a pound.
We eat said biscuits, and the tin they came in provides the tea caddy.

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  1. scifihammy says:

    I am extremely impressed! You really are ship-shape. And well done to ‘create’ new space!! I think I need you to wave your magic wand over at my place! 🙂

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