All charged up, and the damn thing won’t go!

Hubby and I were out shopping this morning and had just parked the car in the Handyman’s carpark when we noticed a guy having a few problems with his mobility scooter.
mobility scooter
Abandoning our intent to purchase a short piece of skirting board to finish off our DIY (we only needed a metre but the larger DIY outlets only sold it in 8 foot lengths) we changed direction and offered our assistance.

Hubby had a scooter a few years ago (as did mother in law), and was able to check out the basics like the old AA guys of yesteryear, when they could fix things on the roadside rather than have to rely on computer chips and technology gizmos to tell you things weren’t working as they should.

It appeared that the battery was completely dead, though our elderly gentleman was adamant that it was fully charged.
He only lived around the corner, so we offered to drive him home and Hubby would push the scooter across the road and up the lane.
The old boy was extremely doddery on his feet, even with a stick, and it took the two of us a good five minutes to get him safely into the car. Maggie bless her, welcomed him in with a slurp in his ear which made him laugh.

When we arrived outside his house, he told me to ring the bell and his wife would come out. I rang twice, but there was no response, so he told me to just open the front door.
I felt awkward and intrusive, but did as he asked, and called ‘Hello’ into the empty hallway. The lady of the house came out and I explained that her husband’s scooter had run out of go juice and that we’d brought him home.

Apparently, they’ve been away for a few weeks and left the scooter on charge during their absence. Hubby thinks they may have ‘overcooked it’ as the charger isn’t designed for a continuous charge for more than about 24 hours.
Anyway, I saw her later this afternoon whilst walking the dog and she said that a guy was coming out to look at it tomorrow.
She thanked me again for looking after her husband, who would be totally lost without his scooter as it gave him some independence as he couldn’t walk more than a few feet. How he would have got home is anyone’s guess, so I’m just glad we were around to help him.

hands 2


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  1. One day we will all be in that boat.

  2. What good people you are! And what a trusting man the old guy must have been – you could have been criminals setting up to kidnap or rob him.

  3. scifihammy says:

    That was so nice of you two! 🙂
    Maybe one day someone will be around to help you out when you need it 🙂

  4. Whew! Glad something put you in his path! Unofficial angels for the day

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