Domino Alley

Oh, it is so nice to relax and forget the DIY for a couple of days.
Once again our plans for the day went for a bucket of chalk, so the varnishing wasn’t done before we left. Still, the bookcases are finished apart from the final trim and we can finally see light at the end of Project Tunnel, even though it is very dim and some distance away.

MOH makes a damn decent cup of tea, so much so that we had two on arrival after a somewhat fraught trip down.
Having left some two and a half hours later than originally intended, we overlooked a few things in the packing department (forgot change of trousers/joggers for both of us), food department (Maggie’s dinner is still in the bag under the sink and her bowl down on the kitchen floor) and contribution department (a new block of cheese, half a tub of butter and a litre of milk were thrown in the bin by mistake).

We also hit lane closure on the M5 for a few miles, traffic congestion in Bristol, and the school runs of infants, juniors and secondary school in quick succession.

On the way though, we decided to visit IKEA.
I remember not being very impressed years ago LBH (life before Hubby), but today my eyes were opened so wide, I’m surprised they didn’t drop out of my skull.
The store in Bristol is HUGE. No, I mean really  H  U  G  E !
I felt we walked miles, and that was just to get to the self service shelves to select a small flatpack coffee table (50cm by 30cm) in Aisle 3 Location 10. We also opted for a pressure cooker which we picked up in the kitchenware department (rabbit stew is back on the winter menu).
yellow brick road 2Finding our way to the checkout seemed like another two mile hike. Follow the yellow brick road isn’t a patch on the ‘short cuts’ and ‘walk this way’ notices hanging from the ceilings which had us going round in circles.
One thing is certain, if we needed to furnish a house, this is where we would go.
It has everything, all relevant things laid out ‘by room’ over several floors and all at reasonable prices, as is their oasis (restaurant) where you can satisfy your thirst for 80p, or replenish your energy cells with a meal from as little as £2.50.

We arrived here just after 3.30.
Having discovered the cheese I hadn’t brought with me, MOH had sufficient for me to make us our cauliflower cheese, to which I added some smoked ham to give it a little zing.
Yes, The Naughty Cake was in full presence and scoffed afterwards, so the three of us settled down with full tummies and another cuppa, very content, to play dominoes.
We played 9 games, and the scores were 3½, 3½ to 2. No prizes for guessing who lost.
However, the decider was a domino pick. Hubby selected one, and I selected the other for MOH. He had the choice of either the one I picked or another of his choice.
Lowest score won.
Hubby selected dots totalling 9.
I selected the 3:2 tile (which I kept covered).
MOH doesn’t like deciding this way as he usually loses, so it was a question of did he trust me enough to accept my tile or pick one himself.
He selected a third, with total spots of 13.
9sRemember, we play with a 9s set.
It was good to laugh.


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