Not just tears of laughter

I realised the other day that it had been several weeks since I’d written a proper letter to my Mum. I’ve been sending emails to Sis with photo attachments, and our last visit was early August before we set off on our second trip to Stratford.
I was not very proud of myself, so set to and wrote a 2 pager, with photos and an extra page of pictures, then attached them to an email which Sis kindly printed off for her.

We were awake quite early this morning, so Hubby suggested maybe we should go down today as we had nothing lined up to do and the weather looked OK.
We decided to ring first this time, and Sis asked us to take in some milk as she had nothing in and didn’t feel like going shopping. She admitted she was feeling a little sorry for herself, so I said we’d come and cheer her up then.

When I went into the supermarket to get her milk, I also picked up some sausage rolls, honey roast ham, a cobbler loaf that was still warm and 2 packs of doughnuts for our lunch, plus some chocolates for her and flowers for Mum.
We had a really good journey today, making excellent time and were there within three hours.
Mum was so pleased to see us, and Sis was just coming back from walking Sir Barkalot.
He’s getting better, and I did my newly discovered ‘shush’ routine which worked on him as well, even if it was only for a few minutes. However, as our visit progressed and with a little bit of bribery by way of some sausage roll and ham titbits (Maggie had some too), he came and stood by me, allowing me to tickle him behind the ears as he laid his head in my lap (knew I’d win him over eventually).

We have had such a smashing day!
Laugh? We all laughed so much it wasn’t just tears of laughter we were shedding.
Mum was joining in and having such a lovely time. She said she was feeling more tired these days and the heat of late didn’t help, so it was great to see her so relaxed and in such good spirits.
We were laughing about dogs trying to look innocent after pinching something (Tuppy apparently did this when she stole some popcorn, but the giveaway was how it had all stuck to her face when she’d thrust her head in the bowl), dogs being extra loving when perhaps it wasn’t appreciated, and the all time favourite, why do us women find it so hysterically funny when a dog hits a guy in the nuts? They are rolling about in agony trying to keep the tears of pain at bay whilst we are crying with laughter at their discomfort (sorry guys).
happy birthdayWe took the dogs out for a short walk, and Sir Barkalot forgot himself, nudging my hand so that I could stroke him as we walked along. Maggie was off lead and content to trot ahead as she was familiar with the route from several years ago. The field is more unruly and overgrown than I remember, but the dogs could sniff to their heart’s content as it’s perfectly safe there.
sniffWe had another cup of tea when we got back, then left around 2.15 in order to miss the school runs and heavy traffic, getting home just after 5.30.
It’s raining now, so we’ll have a bite to eat (not cooking today) then settle down to watch The Bourne Supremacy as that is our DVD series for this week.
Maggie is curled up on the bench as she hasn’t had much time to snooze today.
However, she’s not interested in her dinner if we go anywhere long distance these days, so I’m going to have to make sure she has something to eat otherwise the Tummy Serenade is going to keep us awake all night! The overture has already started!

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  1. colinandray says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lovely day- so glad you were able to enjoy family time!

  3. What a great day you had. I so miss being able to drop everything on a weekend and drive out to visit my mother – those visits used to keep me sane[r] and gave me the opportunity to gripe about things my husband doesn’t want to hear about. Now that my mom has passed and my girls are grown and have families of their own, I sometime feel very lonely on weekends.

    • I can understand that. It was a 6 to 7 hour journey from Lincolnshire and our reception was not always so relaxed. I don’t think it was appreciated just what a long journey it was. At least here we are closer, so are able to visit more often.

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