Recycling at its best

OK, following on from the Niggles, how about recycling gifts?
I hold my hand up BIG TIME to this in the past, so know it’s bound to have annoyed someone, though I was always careful not to give the item back to the person who gave it to me.

Now you could say that perhaps the parcels got muddled up and the wrong person got the wrong thing. I can buy that, except when everyone gets the same thing, you get an idea that perhaps they were purchased as a job lot.

Some people may think I’m ungrateful, but I can assure you I’m not, and in my experience, recycled gifts aren’t necessarily a bad idea.

We were given a wine rack and some ‘shot’ glasses one year. They were very nice, but totally impractical for us as we rarely drink.
Another year, we were given a selection of videos, all good titles and all hits of that particular year, except we already had them.
My father in law let slip that my Christmas gifts were actually Bingo or Raffle prizes that mother in law had won so I wasn’t surprised to find the winning ticket inside the box of a rather splendid figurine, though I never let on.
The best gift from her though was a blue powder puff and talcum powder in a very pretty container, something I had always wanted but never received. She’d told me she’d won it but didn’t like it and I suggested she could always give it to me for Christmas. So she did and I was chuffed to bits. It was actually one of the last things she gave me.

For years now it’s been pointless trying to guess what nieces and nephews like or could use when I have no contact from them one year to the next.
I buy a posh tin of biscuits or confectionery for my sister and the family, and something special for Mum, then Hubby and I have our £10 dash to buy each other the silly things that make our Christmases fun.

A lot of families buy for the kids only, or have a lucky dip box where everyone contributes a gift (one person, one gift, three people, three gifts etc).
Some have a theme, or set a budget of say £10, and others go for the naff end of the market, and whatever they can get for a pound (like me and Sis a few years ago!).
Personally I think there’s nothing wrong in ‘passing on’ what is of no use to you which may do a turn for somebody else, provided it has never been opened or used.

WARNING:  The countdown will start next week from 100 Big Sleeps.
christmas treeMy apologies.


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5 Responses to Recycling at its best

  1. 100 sleeps already! Where is the year going?

    • Someone mentioned it on the radios a little while ago when it was a hundred and eighty something, but a shop in our High Street starts the countdown at 100 which will be one day next week (currently we have Sept 19 days left, Oct 31 days, Nov 30 days, plus 24 for Dec) sigh.

      • We love Christmas, but we don’t do gift exchanges. We break bread with friends and family at get-togethers. Santa comes, but it is fun when you have a believer. 😉

      • We don’t do big gifts anymore, but share our time with friends and visit my family before the big day. I used to love watching the kiddies opening their stockings etc on Christmas morning. It’s not the same now, and that’s not because the kids are older and have kids themselves. The whole meaning has been lost somewhere as presents take priority, the more expensive, the better, so we just stopped buying.

      • Yes, Christmas has taken on a commercial meaning for many. Sad.

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