The Pizza Kid

Apparently Pizza heads the top ten favourite foods (source) based on over 8,000 votes.
pizzaWith a choice of heaven knows how many toppings now, I must admit it comes into our top 5, mainly because for less than a fiver and between 10am and 4pm, we can get a 15 inch pizza which is adequate for the two and a half of us.
We like pepperoni, which also seems to top the list of favourite toppings (source), but we also like beef, Hawaiian (ham and pineapple), chicken, peppers, red onion, and  mushrooms. Sometimes, we’ll even have them all on the same one, but that knocks the price up! However, we are united and adamant that black olives and chillis are a no-no!

loadzapizzaThe kids go back to school next week, and I shall probably miss seeing one particular young lad aged I’d guess between 12 and 14.
An average kid with no weight issues and a lot of friends.
Not that he went around in a gang, just him and a mate, but every time I saw him, a different lad accompanied him.

The first time was when I went in to get us a pizza about 3 weeks ago.
His order was ready before mine, and he politely took the box then he and his friend sat on the high stools at the window counter to eat.
He said ‘I hope you’re going to help me eat this as I can’t manage it all on my own.’
His friend tucked in with relish, but even then it was too much for them so two pieces ended up being taken home.
pizza 2I saw him the following day as I was sitting in the car waiting for Hubby.
The boy was carrying a pizza box down the street with another friend in tow, but there seemed to be no offer of a share as it wasn’t open.

Two days later, I saw him again, with another acquaintance, both of them sitting on the stools inside the shop, laughing and joking as they enjoyed their meal.
The other day, as I passed by on foot, sure enough, there he was in the company of someone else, sharing yet another pizza.

I have seen him I suppose 8 or nine times since I bought our pizza.
He seems a happy teenager, always presentable as are his friends, and I wonder if he has the same topping each time or varies it.

I have never seen him in the company of an adult though. Perhaps they don’t like pizza.
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  1. No black olives?! It is the only topping I want!

    It sounds like pizza has been an excellent part of that kid’s summer!

  2. Pizza is the best food on the planet. Just sayin’.

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