While we were away

Just my opinion on a few snippets that dominated the news:

I don’t comment on this as a rule, but with the current Labour Leader election underway, it’s very much in your face.
Mr Corbyn’s name was put forward not as a possible winner but to ‘open up’ the leadership contest.
It has backfired as he is now the leading contender and at the last count I heard had 53% of the vote.
Labour Party Members are trying to dig up whatever dirt they can to discredit this man who seems to want to go back to old fashioned values and politics (let’s face it, their current strategy isn’t exactly working for them is it?) .
The guy doesn’t want the sick, disabled, unemployed and elderly to suffer due to government cutbacks.
He has morals.
He has standards.
He doesn’t fit the current old fogey mould, and Party Members are scared that he will become their new leader and hell, they may find themselves out on the scrap heap (like our sick, disabled, unemployed and elderly).

Milk Farmers:
Good on the lads walking their cows through the supermarket to make the point that the prices paid to the farmers is far less than the cost of milk production.
I have an idea.
The government should make it law that milk farmers get 90% of the selling price of our pintas in the shops and said shops are not allowed to profit AT ALL from the sale of this basic necessity in our diet………… they make enough profits on everything else.
happy bull
It is being said that diabetes (especially Type 2) is costing our NHS millions of pounds in treatment, and the blame is put mainly on obesity issues.
I am type 2 diabetes, and not costing the NHS anything as I am on no medication because I am lucky and able to control it by diet, not pills. To me, medication is therefore not always necessary (though with my previous GP surgery, it appeared to be a profit making tool).
pillsHowever, read between the lines folks.
This is just an early ploy to back the excuse of wanting to put a 20% tax on fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate and anything else with a high sugar content.
What will then follow is a 20% tax on everything we eat/drink/buy (as in other countries already).

The CPI 12-month rate (the amount prices change over a year) between July 2014 and July 2015 stood at 0.1%. This means that a basket of goods and services that cost £100.00 in July 2014 would have cost £100.10 in July 2015. (source)

I had to laugh at this.
OK, maybe the contents of the basket will only cost £100 and 10p, but I bet the weights are considerably less, and if they worked it out pro rata, the chances are the true cost would be nearer £123.
shopping bagsHow do I know this?
Because I am a Shopper Aware and know for a fact that my Pound (money) is buying far less in Poundage today than a year ago. Our food bill has risen from an average of £25 pw to £30-£32.

As I said, this is my opinion, but judging by a couple of Letters to the Editor in the paper we bought whilst we were away (had to find out the weather somehow as we had no internet), I am not alone in my view.


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8 Responses to While we were away

  1. Nope, you’re not alone in thinking all this.

  2. scifihammy says:

    Over here also, food prices have risen more than anything else, and smaller packaging, as you said.
    And yes to controlling diabetes by diet as a first resort, and then only going to medication if it does not work. My mum-in-law is 96, and controlled her Type II diabetes for years by diet: so much so that her doctor has told her she is no longer diabetic and can eat what she wants. (But she is still careful!)

    • Good for your Mum in law.
      I think education in food is lacking, and more attention should be paid to it so that we, the consumer, can understand better. Food labels and calorie codes on produce is not only insufficient, but totally confusing at times!

  3. Capt Jill says:

    All good points. I don’t really know how it all works over there, but in the US inflation has been eating away at everything for decades. We have less and less earning power each year making it harder and harder to survive. Also, taxes go up each year which doesn’t help anything.

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