Red Head

What do Julianne Moore, Isla Fisher, Lucille Ball, Alyson Hannigan, Bryce Dallas Howard, Susan Sarandon, Dina Meyer, Kirsten Dunst, and Carol Decker have in common?
Yep, they are all redheads.

When I was growing up, any child, male or female, with red hair was teased mercilessly and given a variety of nicknames (not all pleasant) such as Ginger Nut, Copper Top or Carrot Head. It was even worse if they had freckles, pale skin and green eyes.
The girls (or their mothers) would head for the chemists to purchase a colourant shampoo which if it didn’t tone down the redness, masked it altogether. It was very rare for them to want to keep their natural colour (or at least the ones I knew anyway).

Two of my nephews were true copper tops.
It worried the younger, but not the elder, who when I saw him last some 8 years ago was as red then as he’d been as a boy. As for his brother, the last time I saw him was in 1985, so I have no idea and he could be bald for all I know (we are not exactly close in that direction).

Anyway, what has prompted my post today is a comment Hubby made while we were out shopping about the number of redheads there are in the area.
And they do not appear to be out of a bottle.

I admit most were female ranging in age from about 5 to 30, but their hair was definitely their crowning glory, thick russet tresses hanging down in natural waves past their shoulders or half way down their back. I was envious.
My own hair was always a dark brown, in my childhood, almost black, and apart from a ‘had-to-try-it-at-least-once highlights’ (which didn’t take by the way) and a henna rinse, has been that way all my life. It’s flecked (OK, striped and getting wider) with silver (alright, alright!, grey) but still has its natural wave, albeit a bit frizzy after it’s just been washed.

hairI remember one of my ginger 60s classmates asked me once what colour my hair was so that she could buy the dye over the counter. Hers was cut short and she hated it as she felt she looked like a spent match!

Two of my nieces are naturally dark, but one was blonde the last time I saw her (didn’t suit imo) and the other sported a dark purple crew cut with pink ends.
These days the ‘in thing’ seems to be imitating a rainbow having four or five different colours all at once, and better still,ย  eye shadow and nail polish (feet and hands) to match.

Didn’t David Bowie do that?
bowie(and he’s a redhead too isn’t he?)


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10 Responses to Red Head

  1. I have to chuckle, because David Bowie has a different color hair in everything I remember seeing him in. I don’t know what his true hair color is!

  2. colinandray says:

    You are correct, redheads did get a lot verbal abuse while I was at school. In adulthood however, I think that blondes probably come off the worst (women at least) for questionable comments. A quote I will always remember was by Dolly Parton. She was asked whether she was offended by the “dumb blonde” jokes to which she replied. “I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb – and I’m not blonde either.โ€

  3. polarflares says:

    I wonder if redheads get so much guff in Ireland? In america they don’t get much since there is such a wide diversity of hair. I went grey in my 20’s so I spent many years looking like that picture of David Bowie because I too think red is beautiful and it fit my personality. Then when I got too grey it kept turning pink. You have beautiful hair!

    • Thank you! Hubby says so too, and when he took the photo, I was surprised at how long it had got. I’m hoping I’ll be able to sit on it in a few years!

  4. Your hair does look beautiful! I used to have sittable hair – it’s still long now, but not that long (oddly enough, I still maintain some habits from that time, most of which involve bathrooms, so I won’t get into them).

    As for redheads, they say they are dying out, but from my family, you wouldn’t know it – my nieces and nephews without red hair are the exceptions!

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