Never Ending

I have two wedding rings, the original placed on my finger in the Registry Office in 1991 and a larger one purchased for our anniversary in 2003 because I’d put on so much weight and the original was too tight.
I also have two engagement rings.
The first kept breaking and when we took it back for repair the fourth time, the guy told us it was made of inferior gold.
‘Well, you sold it to us,’ said an annoyed Hubby and on getting a snort in reply, it was decided that I would have a new one (obviously from somewhere else).

I still have that broken ring even though I no longer wear it, but I do wear both wedding rings, the original again with my engagement ring on my wedding finger and the other on my right ring finger together with one purchased for a Company Award and my sapphire and diamond eternity ring (the latter stops them sliding off!).
ringsIf you look up the meaning behind Wedding Rings, there are a variety of articles to choose from, so I’ll leave that up to you to check out.
For me, a wedding ring is a symbol for the giving of a promise, a never-ending circle of love, trust and loyalty to weather all storms, unbroken and continuous.

OK, I have the odd romantic bone or two in my body, yet is the wearing of a traditional wedding ring important?
I have known people tie the knot (literally) with a ribbon as they could not afford a ring.
A work colleague made her and her husband’s wedding rings, words which were included when they recited their personal vows to each other as they lit candles.
I also had friends who had tattoos done on their ring fingers.
Another couple exchanged their vows with hand carved wooden rings.
Tom Cruise and Michelle Monaghan (Mission Impossible 3) used kiddies novelties.
(I admit that last example is fiction, but why not?)

On the other hand (excuse pun), a friend of my mother’s divorced her husband when she found out he’d bought her wedding ring on the Never Never.

Hubby wears a wedding ring.
It took years for him to wear one, and when he eventually did, it was made of silver, his reason being that solder is made up of tin and lead, and when it gets on a gold ring, it’s impossible to remove. Also, silver was cheaper, and as always, money was tight.
Mind you, he used to remove it (and his watch) whenever he was working anyway.

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6 Responses to Never Ending

  1. My now husband proposed to me without a ring, and then followed up later with a small, simple diamond engagement ring. I have no idea of the carat amount, if that tells you anything. The rings have always been secondary to me. We are in a position now that we could “upgrade”, but I wouldn’t have it. No rings ever kept anyone married, regardless of cut, clarity, or carat… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. scifihammy says:

    I like eternity rings best, as I like the stone combinations.
    I don’t think the size or cost of a ring is important either, but rather the love behind it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I had to have both my wedding and engagement rings cut off when my fingers got too fat. I felt naked without my rings. Eventually, my husband bought me a new ring, incorporating both his birthstone and mine. I still have the old rings – maybe someday I’ll have them remade into a ring to match my new one.

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