Traveling South

We were both awake early this morning and as we had nothing planned, I suggested going down to see my Mum.
We haven’t seen her this month and have a few things coming up over the next week or so, so it made sense to go today.
We decided to have breakfast on the run, coffee and a bacon roll for £2 each, then filled up with fuel and started off at 8.45.
coffee and bacon
I was driving first, and kept a constant speed on the motorway, getting 55.4 mpg according to the computer readout on the dash. It also calculates how many miles you have left pro rata to the amount of fuel in your tank, has two trip meters, and the damn thing even tells you when to change gear! Thank god it’s not vocal, and we have no GPS telling us to turn left at the next roundabout or we are ‘off route’ and it’s ‘recalculating’.
We had a GPS in 2005 (in fact, if we hadn’t had it, we would never have found the farm and got Maggie), but it was ditched in later years as it had us going round in circles in Wales and we resorted to the old method of me and a road map.
Hubby put the passenger seat back, donned an eye mask, and went to sleep. Maggie bless her, curled up on the back seat and tucked her nose alongside his ear.

I had the radio on for traffic reports and could not believe it when the ‘C’ word was mentioned. Unless I’ve hibernated, we are still in July, and the DJ happily announced that there are just 157 days to Christmas. Terrific. The kids have only just started their summer holidays, and now already fraught parents will be plagued with the number of Big Sleeps before the guy in the Red Suit visits laden down with goodies.

For once, our journey was quite straightforward, changing drivers when we let Maggie out for a wee half way and not coming across any road works or hold ups.
In total, it took us three hours and we were made very welcome (it may have had something to do with the cakes I’d brought with us 🙂 ), the kettle being put on immediately and hugs all round.
Sir Barkalot is getting used to us, and only barked for half of our visit today. I ignored him as Maggie curled up under the table and kept out of the way.

Mum was dressed in a skirt and pretty pink top, wearing a red gingham pinny with huge pockets over the top. It looks like she’s lost some more weight, but she looked very well and had rosy cheeks as if she’d been baking. She was pleased to see us and told us that she’d had her diabetes blood test results and her six monthly check up and everything was OK. In fact, the nurse was very pleased with her which is good news for someone of 93.
To be honest though, my sister monopolized most of the conversation today, using us as a sounding board for a few personal problems and wanting an honest opinion.
Well, she certainly got that, though I don’t think she expected what she heard.
Still, it gave her a different perspective and food for thought, so hopefully she’ll be able to sort things out.

We had a simple lunch, and we could see Mum was getting tired. It’s been warm and muggy again today, so I wasn’t surprised to see her dozing off in her chair by the back patio doors.
Sis hasn’t managed to unzip the photo file (97 pics) from our festival trip yet, so we were able to tell her a lot about that and the fun we had.
We left around 2pm, more hugs and kisses all round and they both waved us off as we drove away.
happy birthdayNext time I write or see her, we’ll have some news of our social events coming up.

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