Putting off our Friend

We had invited our friend up for the day with the intention of taking him out on the boat. As always, we have kept a watchful eye on the weather reports and radar pictures, and have seen the UK swamped in waves of greens and yellows.
We have to look at a different screen for the wind, and to say it has been blowy is an understatement, so we have had to put him off until later in the week.

howling wind 1

Hubby and I were saying that although we caught the tail end of Bertha and Gonzalo also had a go, those winds were nothing compared to what we had yesterday, last night and by all accounts there is more to come tonight and at the weekend.

“High pressure will briefly build over northwest Europe during the middle of the week, bringing a period of tranquil weather for Ireland, the United Kingdom and areas from France into Poland.

The weather will be a pleasant change for those across the United Kingdom and Ireland following powerful winds that blasted the region on Monday and lingering gusty winds on Tuesday.

Wind gusts over 80 km/h (50 mph) were reported in many locations and led to travel disruptions”.

We didn’t get to bed until gone midnight, and sleep didn’t come until at least 1.30.
We have rattles and tinkles as fittings that our green condoms don’t cover are blown against the sides of the boat , so later today I shall be buying wool and crocheting squares to hang from the support bars between the boat sides and cover so that the metal bits have something soft to bang against. Putting sticky pads on the side of the boat would be unsightly, and will also damage the paintwork.
Hubby was awake at 6, it wasn’t raining, so he got dressed and took a sleepy Maggie out for a quick walk as he needed to get his circulation going.
He was back half an hour later and said that someone was lashing their cruiser with extra ropes no thicker than what looked like heavy string. Our mooring ropes are at least an inch thick, we are secured in five places and had already doubled our ties.

Now fully awake, he did some housekeeping on his computer whilst Maggie and I slept for a couple of extra hours.
I got up at 9, just as he was coming back to bed, so he had a nice warm place to get into and was soon dozing. I took Maggie out again for a walk round the Avenue, both of us dressed in our black waterproofs as from the look of the sky, rain was imminent.
I was lucky and the rain held off, which was good as I met up with several people on the way back and stopped to chat. All had doubled up on their ropes in the latter hours of last night, and thus far, no-one had lost any top boxes, gangplanks or anything else on their roof. Our trusty yellow brush is still there!

Digital Camera

The sun came out just after midday so we decided to walk up the road and get that wool I mentioned earlier. I shall get started on that later this afternoon.
Whilst I was in the shop, Hubby took Maggie along the lock to extend her walk and we met up at the end of the High Street.

Although the current winds may be less in velocity than those of Bertha, Gonzalo and Rachel, the direction of the wind as it hits the boat is also relative. Yesterday it was coming from the southwest, and thus hitting us sideways on at our most exposed, jostling us in and out against the pontoon. Behind us is west, our port side is east and the bow north.

We had some spectacular sun rises and sun sets in the cottage, but I did manage to capture this sunset last year on a quieter evening.
bb at sunset


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