Disappointing and lacking, a book review

These days I don’t get to read much. By that I mean books.
Before we moved, one side of our fireplace alcove was filled with books, including the first 18 Jack Reacher novels/thrillers. Lee Child killed off his credibility when he agreed for Tom Cruise (5′ 9″) to play the lead role in Jack Reacher (6′ 5″) , a film based on the book One Shot.
The trailer (could not be avoided on our DVD player when we were watching something else) was hideously pathetic and I never wanted to see the film or read another JR book thereafter.

Space is extremely limited on the boat, so apart from half a dozen favourites, the rest were donated to charity shops, and since being here we have both joined the local library.
There is also a good selection of books in the laundry room here (some of which were originally mine) and both of us have read a few.

I have just finished The Gilded Cage by Josephine Cox, printed in 1999.

book JCThe title rang a bell, so it may well have been made into a TV drama or similar, not that I watched it.  Checking the title on the internet there are several varieties of film, books and stage plays, but none of the summaries tie in with this one.
However, it is not the first book by Ms Cox that I have read, so last week, I got stuck in.
I was quite enjoying it, young love, peasants, gentry, cruel father, defiant daughter, arranged marriage, murder, that kind of thing, but there seemed to be gaps in the story and the timeframe a little jagged. Too many little things about some of the characters were missing, and it was very convenient when all of the bad guys died.

Last night, I was almost at the end with about 40 pages to read, but I was so tired, I had to put it up.
I finished it tonight, and had to re-read the preceding page because it didn’t make any sense.
Instead of 40 pages, I only had 8 as the remainder was an extract from another story.
In those 8 pages, the right people got together (as they would), the estranged mother and daughter were reunited (not explained how that happened), the evil aunt turned out to be the good guy (again not explained, neither had it been made clear how she had a complete turn around having lost her money), the beaten mother and good son sold the house and moved away, the bad son moved to France to avoid prosecution of causing a fatal accident, and they all lived happily ever after.
I felt as if a hundred pages had been ripped out of the back, but when I checked, all pages were present and correct.

As I said earlier, this book was originally written in 1999 and I cannot for the life of me remember the title of the other one I read, so it obviously had little impact on me.
Tomorrow I shall be putting it back on the shelf in the laundry and certainly not reading any of her others there. Obviously she is not ‘my cup of tea’.

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  1. Thank you! I was beyond annoyed (that’s the nicest way I can put it) when Tom Cruise was cast as Jack Reacher! It completely killed the novels for me, as did casting Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum in the Janet Evanovich series.

    • Money talks (he was probably standing on piles of it to get such a role!) I’m not familiar with Janet Evanovich though I’ve seen Ms Heigl in a few films (romcoms). The restaurant scene in The Ugly Truth was hysterical (better than The O scene in when Harry met Sally IMO).

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