Pram Pushers

Hubby and I often People Watch as you know. (Isn’t this sculpture realistic!)

people watching statuePeople Watching With Dirty Dan Harris – Fairhaven Washington Photograph

These days, we tend to sit on one of two benches by the traffic lights with a cup of coffee and possibly a pasty hot out of the oven from the bakers alongside.
Maggie gets her fair share, and I suppose we have become a regular sight judging by the number of waves we get as people drive by.
One woman wound down her window and told us to ‘Give her a bit!’ as Maggie sat patiently at our feet. We told her she’d already had some, but there would be more to follow and she knew it.
Maggie has also become rather partial to Latte Coffee. Not cappuccino, not regular, not expresso. It has to be Latte, I guess because she likes the froth.

Some days, there appears to be a ‘theme’  to the people going about their business, ie. type or colour of clothes, size, smokers, elderly, couples etc, and one day last week it must have been Toddler Group day as no less than a dozen young Mums with pushchairs crossed the road together.
toddlers groupThree things struck me as they passed.

The first was that no two pushchairs were the same.
With that many all together, you would think there’d be at least two of the same model, even if they were different colours.

The second was that none of the kids were smiling.
I’m useless at guessing human ages (dogs I can get within a few months) but I suppose these toddlers ranged from 6 to 24 months.
It was a dry day, not too hot, all of them being tucked up nice and cosy as they were pushed along by their mothers, who chatted amongst themselves all the while.

The third was that over half of the women were smoking.

In contrast, less than ten minutes later, two other Mums crossed the road, but were obviously not with the toddler group as they went off in the opposite direction.
They were chatting to their kids as well as each other, and the little ones were laughing and smiling up at them as soon as they got into their line of vision.

By the time we’d finished our snack, several other Mums had passed us on both sides of the road with a youngster or two and a pram of some description.
kiddie step kiddie step 2
Personally I like the ones with a step on the back so that kiddie number two can stand on it between Mum (or Dad’s) arms with the youngest inside.

I had a pram for my dollies when I was a child.
It was fourth or fifth hand, and was passed on to a neighbour when we moved as I was going to have the one that belonged to my sister.
old style pramHers was similar to this but all black and I have a feeling it was not a dolls’ pram as mine had been, but a proper ‘baby carriage’ as they used to call them, probably from when she was a baby. older style pramShe used to dress up the cat in bonnets and bootees then wheel it around as it dozed in embarrassment on the cushion and coverlet inside.

I remember Boxing Days from yesteryear and the Pram Race in aid of local charity.
It was always a well supported, fun, funny, traditional event, whatever the weather, and it didn’t matter how ridiculous everyone may have looked, it was for a good cause.

pram race pram race 2 pram race 3
There are Fun Runs and Marathons today for both serious runners and charity fund-raisers, but I can’t recall the last pram race. They just seemed to ‘stop’.

Sadly, it would appear that a pram isn’t as common as it used to be, having been replaced with modern pushchairs and carriers that can be folded down to fit in the back of the car.
buggyI remember reading the instructions on one on how to collapse it for storage:
‘First, remove the child’
I couldn’t read the rest, I was laughing too much.

All images from google today

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  1. Hehe, yeah, important info..removing the child. hehe. Not one for the group things, rather take my son for a walk along the coast or drive into reserve. He learns and interacts the whole time.

  2. scifihammy says:

    Hmmm Very interesting observations on the pushchairs. I much prefer the contact and laughing kids! And my little sister had a pram like the big one you show. Nowadays pushchairs seem very intricate – and expensive!

  3. I love prams – so cute. But all my friends and family members have regular strollers now, so when I do get to push the nieces and nephews around, I don’t the get fun of a pram as an accessory!

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