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I did a post last year which included a little bit about nails (I apologise in advance for the horror images at the end of it).
Today as I look at my hands and think my nails need trimming again, I wonder, have you ever thought about how fast your nails grow?

feet and hands

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Getting your nails to grow fast is really about taking care of them and keeping them healthy. Nails grow about 1/8 inch per month but what keeps nails from getting long is more about nail damage and poor nail care than about slow growth. Taking care of your nails is about taking care of yourself as the nails are often the first thing doctor’s look at to judge a person’s general health.

At school, teachers would come round and inspect our hands, then shame those who bit their nails whilst giving lectures on how unsightly they were.
There were quite a few of us in my class with this nervous habit, and quite honestly, this approach only made the situation worse.

There were various remedies on the market in those days to stop biters.
One was a clear product called ‘Stop and Grow’ which was painted on the nails like varnish (of course, we weren’t allowed to wear coloured varnish at school, but clear or ‘natural’ was OK). It tasted foul, cost about three pounds a bottle and is still available, surprisingly for  around the same price.
It worked though for two of my friends, and within 3 weeks, they were sporting ten beautiful finger tips, with Teacher singing their praises from the rooftops (and rubbing in our failure to the rest of us).
natural nailsOn the school’s advice, Mum took me to the doctor who told her that it was a common nervous habit and I’d grow out of it.

I wasn’t particularly proud of my stubbies, especially as I always wanted to wear a ring but never owned one, and so I read up on ‘foolproof’ methods of solving the problem.
I learned to knit and crochet to keep my hands occupied, I wore thin gloves in the evenings when I wasn’t knitting or crocheting, I coated my nails with perfume and/or lemon juice which tasted equally foul to the bought stuff, but it still didn’t stop me.
I even got some false nails which were actually rubber finger tips that slipped over the tops of mine and kept falling off. Totally useless and a waste of my pocket money.

It was suggested I try to grow one nail at a time, the theory being that when I realised how lovely that finger looked, it would be easy to stop biting the rest.
I managed to grow one, then another, only for the first to split so I chewed it as I didn’t have a manicure set.
In 1972, I was to be bridesmaid to my sister, and I had two long nails on each hand.
Three broke the night before the wedding.
Mum promised to buy me a ring for my eighteenth birthday in the hope that it would encourage me to quit. It didn’t and I still have the ring, though it doesn’t fit anymore.
For my first wedding in 1977, I actually had eight nails, and provided you didn’t look too closely at the photographs of us cutting the cake, you couldn’t see my two failures.

In later years, having seen people with stubbies far worse than mine ever were wearing bright or dark nail polishes as well as jewelery, I thought sod it, and wore rings on practically every finger, nail or no nail apparent. I didn’t bite them all or as much, but I never managed to have ten at the same time.

Yet since I met Hubby, I’ve grown and continue to have a full set.
I don’t wear polish or use hand lotions, so put it down to contentment in my life and a more sensible diet.
Four of the five rings I wear are those he’s given me over the years (engagement ring, eternity ring and two wedding rings as I put on so much weight, the original didn’t fit but now I wear them on different hands).
The fifth is part of a ten year service award from my banking days. I was to be presented with a gold watch of my choice to a certain value. The one I liked was half the amount, and the jeweller told me that including discount I actually had a further fifty pounds to spend, so I purchased the watch and this gold ring encrusted with 26 small diamonds.
Nice to go shopping on someone else’s Corporate Card!

One thing’s for sure, I find these creepy and wonder what my teachers would make of it.
longest nails
As for putting a ring on (though I can see two), where would you start?


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