A Sign of the Times

I’ve mentioned on several occasions how much I miss having a washing line.

washing lineEach time we do the laundry, it sets us back a fiver, and as we do a load every 5 days or so, you can imagine the cost soon mounts up.
To date, we have spent £265, which is more than the cost of a new washing machine.

As we can’t hang washing out or put a line up, we have to use the tumble dryer on site. It’s pretty efficient, but is ruining our clothes, especially as most things you buy today state on the label DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.
Most damage is down to shrinkage, and it’s a shame weight loss can’t be achieved the same way, else I’d be out in all weathers. I never did manage to lose that final seven pounds.

kirk and coHubby and I are both wearing trousers that would give the original Star Trek crew a run for their money, and tee shirts are practically more like cropped tops now.
Underwear and socks however are going ‘the other way’ into bagginess, either that or the elastic is melting into oblivion which is why nothing stays up.

What is really taking a hammering though are our jumpers.
They are now bobble tops, and quite honestly, look a mess.
Years ago, you could purchase a fuzz comb which would gently remove the fibre fuzziness and give woolly pullies a new lease of life.
fuzz combI haven’t seen one for years, but as we are King and Queen of improvisation, Hubby took his razor to his jumper, which worked almost as well.
Not so on mine, which has a rather elaborate pattern being a hand knitted job by my Mum some 30 odd years ago.
It doesn’t matter how often I wash it, it never looks clean as the bobbly bits attract the lint from the inside of our joggers or socks, all of which are black.
It looks like I’ve got a jumper sporting a bad case of acne.

Today, inspiration struck Hubby like a bolt of lightning lightning
and we ended up driving into town some ten miles away.
For once, the shop stocked what we were looking for.
It was even reasonably priced at £5.99.

bobble 1Worked like a charm.


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3 Responses to A Sign of the Times

  1. swo8 says:

    We used to have a little wire thing that hung out a window to dry our clothes. Then there are those racks that can stand in your bathtub too. Surely there is some way you can make it work?

    • Thanks for the suggestion but sadly we don’t have a bath tub, and ‘unsightly washing’ is not permitted hanging from boats here in the marina. We hang towels up in the helm or cratch under cover after having a shower, but we manage Ok really. Our clothes are all pretty old anyway, so when they eventually wear out, we’ll buy new ones two or three sizes too big! 🙂

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