Our Wedding: Part One

We were talking to one of the local residents today and Amsterdam came up. Apparently she had just got back from a five day break with her senior citizen club and she’d had a lovely time.
amsterdamAs did we when we went there on honeymoon in 1991.

Two recent posts in my reader were about an engagement and a wedding. I commented on both, and from responses to those, I thought I’d tell you about our wedding in more detail.

It was the second time round for both of us, so we didn’t want any fuss. It was to be ‘Our Day’ after all, and besides, we were practically skint, so couldn’t afford a big ‘do’ even if we wanted one.
There were quite a few weddings in the office that year, so another reason for me to keep quiet, especially as one of the younger romantics was having the Full Nine Yards the day after us and I certainly didn’t want to take any attention away from her.

I took the day off as I was going abroad on holiday (true), and left a note for my supervisor to say I was actually getting married and could it therefore be marked down as a ‘freebee’ day rather than deducted from my annual entitlement.
(Where I worked you were given such days for marriage or moving house)
Apparently I was bestowed the title ‘Bitch’  which echoed round the desks as she rushed over to a colleague in an adjoining department (we went swimming together in our lunch hour and she was getting married in the July) and said ‘You knew, didn’t you?’
She said nothing, but nodded with a smirk.
(I was told that this was all done in a jovial manner!)
There was another person in another department also smiling to herself as she had given me an envelope the night before with an apology:
‘If I’m wrong, I’m sorry, but I don’t think so.’
She actually worked with a friend who also had the day off (unbeknown to anyone to be one of our witnesses) so had put two and two together, and given us a card.

wedding cardWe already lived together, but I put something special on Hubby’s pillow on our wedding morning when he went into the bathroom for his shower. It’s an ornamental book with a poem entitled The Book of Our Lives. I’ve never seen one like it since.

book I wore a smart purple and black dress with a black jacket and had purchased a silk corsage of purple, mauve and pink orchids for £3 from a craft fayre.
Hubby wore his best trousers, a new shirt and tie, and his black leather jacket. I have a picture of him being daft and wearing a carnation on each ear like earmuffs. We couldn’t afford real flowers so I’d made them out of loo roll (the perforations on the sheet gave them a nice frilly edge).
paper flower paper flower 1       images from google

Our wedding party consisted of 9…… both sets of parents (I wanted my parents to be there, so it was only right for Hubby’s to be there too. They were all sworn to secrecy, but we hadn’t even got out of the gate before Mother-in-law was on the phone to sister-in-law to be blabbing the news), 3 witnesses, and us.
The Registrar was prepared to wait until the rest of our guests arrived, but we told her this was it, so everybody had a row of seats to themselves to spread us out a bit.
My Mum and Dad had never seen me so serious and thought I was going to burst into tears any minute. I was thinking about what I was saying and meaning every word.
When it was his turn, Hubby went blank, saying to the Registrar
‘You said something just then, could you repeat it please?’
I was so proud as he was word perfect and held my hand tighter and tighter as he spoke.
certificateWe weren’t allowed to throw confetti, so we had sugar puffs and rice crispies instead. The birds loved us. Hubby produced a set of handcuffs from his pocket and said he wouldn’t be needing them after all. Right up to being given our marriage certificates, he was convinced I was going to change my mind and intended to handcuff me to the railing outside until I changed it back again.

We had a meal in the local pub having hired their function room where a bottle of champers was on ice for us. I’d also made my cake, so our guests all had a slice before we left for our honeymoon.
We drove home, picked up our holdalls, and caught the bus to the train station.
Our train took us to Waterloo, then it was a short underground trip to Liverpool Street Station to get us to Harwich for an overnight ferry to The Hook (our bridal suite was an inside cabin with bunk beds!), after which it was another train journey to Amsterdam Central Station.

Now we had to find somewhere to stay…………………….

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  1. notquiteold says:

    I also married in 1991, and was also a little self-conscious. as I was an “older bride” among several coworkers planning their weddings. But inwardly – I was so excited! A bride at forty!

  2. scifihammy says:

    Sounds like a lovely wedding and honeymoon trip 🙂

  3. Oh, what a wonderful wedding story! I love it – right down to the honeymoon suite!

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  6. lbeth1950 says:

    Sounds wonderful!

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